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The Mumphrey case

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Reason Magazine takes a look.


An MSU Student Said an Athlete Raped Her. Officials Found Him Innocent, Then Expelled Him—and He Had No Idea.




He.  student, on Tindr in November 2014. Mumphery had already graduated from the university, and was pursuing a master's degree in communications. They gradually lost touch with each other, and Mumphery moved to Florida in January 2015 to train for NFL scouting. He returned to campus on March 14, 2015, to participate in an NFL scouting opportunity. On March 17, Roe texted Mumphery, and invited him to come to her dorm room. She also sent him a topless photo of herself, according to the lawsuit.

Around 9:00 p.m., Mumphery ate dinner in his car outside Roe's apartment building. Roe would later claim he was dealing drugs out of his car—an "outlandish" falsehood, according to the lawsuit.

After finishing dinner, Mumphery entered Roe's dorm room. Roe was sober, according to the lawsuit. She changed clothes in front of him, and then they started kissing. This gradually progressed to sexual touching, and digital penetration once Roe had disrobed.

"There was never any pushing or other form of aggression," according to the lawsuit. "Rather, the entire encounter was consensual in nature."

The encounter came to a halt when Mumphery—still fully clothed—said that he would only have sex with Roe if he was wearing a condom. (Mumphery later told the investigators, "My sister got a baby and I don't have sex without a condom.") Roe allegedly became so distraught about this development that Mumphery phoned a friend to ask for advice. Roe spoke with the friend as well. She became angrier and angrier, according to the lawsuit, and Mumphery decided to leave before things escalated further.

The next day, Roe told the police that Mumphery had raped her. The prosecutor declined to pursue charges, however, in part because Roe did not respond to the prosecutor's request for a meeting. 



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