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Motor City Sonics

2018 NFL Draft As-It-Happens Thread

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green bay is a one man team.  they dont have a lot of talent anymore.  lions are more talented than green bay, imo.

but unfortunately they do have the best player in football and when he's healthy they can beat most teams.

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1 hour ago, Mr.TaterSalad said:

So they're going the be a better team than Aaron Rodgers and Minnesota and finish somewhere above the 6-10, 7-9, 8-8 mark?

I didn’t say anything remotely resembling that. 

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Well, the offense got better - I mean despite the huge blow of losing Ebron, of course. Last season they finished 13th in YPG (though they were last in rushing yards) and 7th in PPG (25.6, with the Rams at 29.9). It would not surprise me if the improved OL and much better backs help push this team into the top five offensively. 

The defense is clearly a wild card. They will not nearly be a finished product early, so it will be on Stafford to start the season on fire against tough opppnents early. 

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17 minutes ago, cruzer1 said:

Mcs thread.

Who's on udfa duty? I'm stuck at work!

SO far

OL John Montelus, Virginia

DB Chris Jones, Nebraska

DB Amari Coleman, Central Michigan

CB Antwuan Davis, Texas

WR Teo Redding, Bowling Green

DB Michael Ford, Southeast Missouri State

DB Anthony Sherrils, Missouri

OLB Chad Meredith, Southeast Missouri State

K/P Ryan Santoso, Minnesota

OL Brett Kendrick, Tennessee

DL Josh Fatu, USC

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