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Flying Tigers Sightings 2018

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I watched the Flying Tigers lose to the Brevard County Manatees 3-7 last Monday, 04-09-2018.  

Daz Cameron looked very good in right field.   He made a heck of a play in right last Monday night, running down a ball in deep right center that I didn't think he had a chance to catch up with.  It was Willie Mays stuff.  He swung that bat well too, hitting the ball hard twice his first two at bats.  He was wrung up on a bad pitch in his third.  Anthony Pereira looked good with the bat going 3 for 3.   Gibby made a bad error in left but he also had a memorable at bat where he battled at the plate to earn a walk where he was behind in the count.   de Block started and I thought he had pretty good stuff but he is not overpowering but he kept the ball down.  The one HR he gave up, he had already struck the guy out and but somehow, he fooled the umpire, so consequently, on his 4th strike the ball was hit out of the park.  

The Tigers had made a significant renovation to Joker Marchant and it swallowed up the tiny Monday night crowd.  I was kind of upset that Isaac Paredes was not in the line-up.  My daughter sarcastically said "How could they disappoint this crowd?"  There couldn't of been more than 300 in attendance.  One of the highlights of the evening was the group of ATC's in attendance that sat behind us.  They did the musical chairs game and there was a 300 lb guy that was boxing his fellow ATC out each time the music stopped.  In the finals he boxed out this little guy and crushed broke the chair.  

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I was able to attend the opening game for the Flying Tigers this year (April 6th) and saw Isaac Paredes hit a homer in his first at bat.  I believe he added a second hit on the night.  Tigers jumped out to an early lead, but lost it late.

This was my first time to Joker Marchant since the renovations.  Although the staff acted like it was a huge crowd that evening (which sadly is was for them), the stadium seemed empty.  It's a great place for spring training games, but the smaller Florida State League crowds don't come close to filling it.  Overall, the facility upgrades were top notch!

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Yes, the renovations were impressive.  I just wanted to see Paradas and maybe Soto or one of the other studs pitch but still I was impressed.  

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