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NHL 2017-18 Playoff Predictions

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Round 1

Tampa Bay over New Jersey in 5
Toronto over Boston in 7
Pittsburgh over Philadelphia in 5
Washington over Columbus in 6

Nashville over Colorado in 6
Minnesota over Winnipeg in 7
Vegas over Los Angeles in 5
San Jose over Anaheim in 7

Round 2

Toronto over Tampa Bay in 7
Washington over Pittsburgh in 7

Nashville over Minnesota in 6
Vegas over San Jose in 6

Round 3
Toronto over Washington in 6
Vegas over Nashville in 7

Toronto over Vegas in 6       .......Then Toronto burns to the ground and Hamilton becomes the new population centre in Ontario. 

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Leafs are a bona fide contender but they'll have a really tough path. I think they caught a bit of a break getting Boston instead of Tampa. But the Lightning would wait in the 2nd round, then likely Pitt or Wash, and maybe Nashville in the final. The Leafs will need other teams to knock off some of the big guns. The Leafs can beat any one team, but not top teams for all 4 rounds.

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I cheated by waiting until two games are done, but:


Tampa over New Jersey, 6 games

Toronto over Boston, 7 games

Washington over Columbus, 7 games

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia, 5 games

Nashville over Colorado, 5 games

Winnipeg over Minnesota, 6 games

LA over Vegas, 6 games

Anaheim over San Jose, 7 games


Tampa Bay over Toronto, 7 games

Pittsburgh over Washington, 6 games

Nashville over Winnipeg, 6 games

LA over Anaheim, 7 games


Tampa Bay over Pittsburgh, 6 games

Nashville over LA, 7 games


Tampa Bay over Nashville, 6 games, Yzerman signs a lifetime contract

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Not much drama in the playoffs so far. 2 sweeps, 5 higher-seed teams up 3 games to 1. Columbus-Washington is the only series at 2-2 after 4 games. Not sure if there has even been an OT game outside of Columbus-Washington. 

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And I think the Toronto media - big surprise - is really overreacting about Matthews' struggles. It hasn't been his best 4 games but hasn't been horrible. And even if it was horrible, it's only 4 games. Matthews will be just fine. Fix the defense.

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Philly-Pitt are playing Game 6 this afternoon. Replacing Malkin in the Penguins' lineup is ... Riley Sheahan. Playing a terrific game, says Pierre McGuire.

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