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Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

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33 minutes ago, Jason_R said:

Nope. I’ve said that Stafford is in line for criticism just as much as any other player or coach. Others want to apologize for him - “He’s the best QB we’ve ever had!” - but the fact of the matter is that he has made a lot of costly mistakes. If he is going to be an MVP candidate, and win playoff games, he cannot have so many mental lapses. I don’t understand why that is controversial.

And my statement that the team could buy better players had Stafford accepted a smaller deal is incontestable. Whether he should have been motivated to do what is best for himself, or best for his team, is a different question.

There are multiple things to consider when picking apart a QB.  It is not simply a matter of him being the best we have ever had it is about him being a good QB that most teams would take if he were available.

O Line



Running game

MVP Candidate and winning playoff games are nice of course and what every fan wants.  What are the mental lapses you are referring to?  I would guess about 80% of what people call mental lapses can be attributed to to o line specifically.  You could have the BEST QB that EVER lived back there and if the O line is like a sieve the guy is going to not have success, period.

The O line has been atrocious the past 5-6 games and ranks 2nd to last in ALL OF football.  Call that an excuse if you want...I simply call it a fact that needs to be taken into account when picking apart a QB that is ranked 10th in the NFL in QBR right now.  I have no idea how you want to give him this much heat when those facts are staring you in the face.

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