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#19 Michigan vs #5 Wisconsin - 11/18/17

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35 minutes ago, Scottwood said:

.  It seems like his offense, at the collegiate level, is very complex and could be very difficult to defend but it may need a Luck-type player to be elite. On the other hand, OSU's offense and those like it seem like it is more plug and play. 

It's an offense with a higher ceiling, but can you achieve proficiency in today's NCAA with all the limits on practice time etc? But OTOH, I think the offense is also part of the recruiting strategy. JH wants to establish what Carr had going - play the most pro like offense so that the players who have pro potential want to come and learn it. Then if you win because you are getting the best players - particularly at QB, you reach a self - sustaining virtuous cycle where you end up with the recruiting edge over a system like OSU whose QBs end up as receivers in the NFL - if they even ever get a shot.

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