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My 1967 Tigers Scrapbook

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One of my daughters, who is 22,  is going through my stuff and she discovered my forgotten 1967 Detroit Tigers scrapbook that I compiled out of news clippings from the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette. I compiled clippings from spring training and from the regular season. And I only compiled wins because this stuff about winning and losing not mattering and that it’s how you play the game that’s important is BS.  It made me smile. 50 years ago is let’s face it darn long time ago. On the cover in cursive I scribbled “at the top of the heap.” Damn if I wasn’t optimistic. And as I recall they ended the season only one game out of first place.



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On 10/8/2017 at 8:17 AM, Charles Liston said:

What a find!  You need to settle back into a comfortable chair and read every one of those articles, and bask in the '60's sportswriting style.

Could not have said it better, great find and very cool.  Thank you for sharing.

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