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Finding Darko

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28 minutes ago, Deleterious said:

I'm going to regret this.

Finding Darko

nothing to regret. Man-child is childish, man-child grows up into reasonably reasonable man. Probably happens to millions, just not in the 10,000 watt glare of professional sports. 

Probably one of the hardest things for people to understand in other people is when they are good enough at something that the ordinary person thinks they would kill to be that good at, but the person doesn't really care or have ambition in that direction. I think it happens to basketball players more than others because if a kid is tall he will get pushed into basketball even if there isn't any real love of the game or of the competition there. You can say Darko was an idiot, but maybe it was just that down deep the work to be a great basketball player just wasn't wanted he wanted to do in life so he sabotaged himself until people stopped asking him to keep doing it.

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If only Larry Brown had played him mor....just kidding.

Good story. Glad he turned out alright...really felt bad for him when that video of him serving beer to his stomach came out.

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