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Avery Bradley traded to Detroit

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18 hours ago, Deleterious said:

Maybe a better question would have been, how do people feel about this in a week when KCP signs some 4/$60-$70M deal.  

"Wow, KCP was stupid to turn down 5/80, other NBA GMs are smarter than I thought" - future me

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1 hour ago, Buddha said:

they lose baynes, kcp, and morris.

they sign galloway, moreland, and trade for bradley.

net positive?  i think they lost three of their more productive players.  but we shall see.  they gained shooting in kennard and lost defense on the sg in kcp, but picked up defense on the pg in bradley (which they really needed).

i'm not sure bradley is a huge upgrade on offense over kcp.  maybe a bit because he is a more consistent shooter assuming kcp doesnt improve.

Net negative overall.  Just not as big a net negative as other eastern bottom dwellers.  


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