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Game 80: Pistons @ Grizzlies

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Just for fun, let's look at Per 36 stats.

Boban:  24/15.8/1.3

Andre:  16.6/16.7/1.3

It is highly unlikely Boban could ever play 36 minutes per night, but even if you pro-rate these numbers to 24 MIN they would still be nice.  If you pro-rate them further to account for coaches gameplanning for Boban, they are probably still outstanding for a $7M big and would make Baynes' line look pedestrian.

SVG needs to figure out how to get the man some burn.

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Boban is a monster. His defense is a concern, but the man can score the ball and get to the foul line. He also can rebound.

He's a pretty darn good backup center. A bench of Harris, Ish, Boban, and Stanley is pretty solid. Can have Ellenson and our pick (hopefully a shooter) there as well. 

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