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Van Noy traded ?

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On 1/31/2017 at 11:08 AM, RatkoVarda said:

Serious question: why is a guy who could not play for the Lions now the #1 backup LB of the Partiots and playing in the SB?


21 hours ago, RedRamage said:

I agree with with JBK in part, but there are other possibilities are as well:

Wakeup Call: It wouldn't surprise me at all that a team trading/cutting a guy might serve as a wake up call to the player that he's got to put in more effort.  It could be that Van Noy was sort of coasting along figuring that he would be okay, but then when traded realized that he could easily be out of a (very well paying) job if he didn't start putting in the effort.

Coaching: JBK touched on this, but beyond just the 'system', the style of a coach might very well be able to push the right buttons with a guy that the previous coach just wasn't doing right.  This is a credit to the new coaching staff of course, but also a mark against the old staff.  It could be that the old staff was just giving up too early on a guy and assuming he wasn't going to amount to much when a different approach with him might have gotten more out of him.

Culture: I certainly don't think culture is everything in a sport franchise, but I also believe it's part of it... If you're a Lions fan you expect them to be mediocre at best. I'm sure that feeling exists to some extent inside the team as well. No, it isn't logical, but it still exists. Move from a team that's won one playoff game in 60+ years to a team that is in the SB 5 of the last 10 times... well, that's going to rub off on you a bit.

Honestly, it's probably some combination of all of these things put together, but it does make me feel like the Lions may have given up too early on Van Noy, especially given their lack of depth at LB, which is sorta what I said at the beginning of this thread.

1. He is a backup.  In Detroit he was drafted to high & too much was expected .. injuries didn't help.

2. The overall talent in NE is vastly superior, which means he has to make fewer plays that determine their success.  So when he does make a play, it sticks out.

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The Patriots have depth all over the field.  That means they can rotate guys in and out and keep everyone fresh and use players for specific situations.   Think about it, Brady and Gronk are the stars and the rest of the team is filled with good, but not great, players.   they have very few weaknesses.   They did this through drafting very well late in the rounds and stocking up on very solid 3rd and 4th round guys that don't have to make a major impact immediately.   


Based on his first Lions draft, Quinn has brought a little of that to the Lions already.   But it takes a few years to build that depth.   I am not going to take the time to list it again, but I have in the past...........look at the Lions record with 2nd round draft picks the last 20 years and its easy to see why they never truly get better.   2nd round guys are supposed to be solid starters that can turn into good or great players in time.   Most of the Lions 2nd round picks were never good enough to start.    

Quinn can't be judged until at least four years.   I am thinking the Lions do much much better with 2nd to 4th rounders in the next few years.  

But I still think the coaching needs to improve.  I think Caldwell is a terrific Monday through Saturday coach, but on Sundays he leaves you confused.  

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