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12 minutes ago, Nastradamus said:

"Yes, there is potential upside"


Someday, we'll all go out and get a beer together, us Motown fellas. I surely will see a penny on the ground that day. It has your name on it good sir. Shoot, maybe I'll even throw a buck your way and you can buy a coveted lotto ticket. 

I suck at memes or I'd throw a Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber "So you're saying there's a chance" meme up here for ya. 

Haha, not sure the condescension is necessary as I assure you I am doing very well for myself (in large part by making excellent investments that turned very small initial investments into much larger more successful ones) and don't need the penny or your dollar. Again, try to keep up we are speaking in metaphors, not actual dollars. ;)

But nice to see once again you aren't able to refute my point and instead go straight to deflection I expect nothing less considering the last few pages of responses.

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2 minutes ago, Nastradamus said:

Well at least we didn't draft Arizona's guy I guess

No need to draft any LS, Muhlbach, again, was flawless.

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1 hour ago, Nastradamus said:

I guess Arizona called and offered a 5th for him but we decided he was too valuable. 

Haha, that would be something. I'm sure Arizona would love to trade for a LS who had three bad snaps in a game after theirs missed one. :-p

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