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My Top 10 Wings Moments from Joe Louis Arena

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10.  23 STRAIGHT    February 19, 2012  - Okay, 23 straight home wins didn't mean a lot at the end of the season, but it was a league record and pretty impressive.

9. GORDIE RETURNS  February 5, 1980.    Gordie's final All-Star appearance in Detroit and nobody got a bigger ovation, not even the Wings only All Star Reed Larson.  Mr. Hockey capped it off with an assist on the last goal of the game with less than 4 minutes to play.   Yes, I cheesily put this at #9. 

8. STEVE YZERMAN'S 50th GOAL.   March 1, 1988.   The first of five times he'd reach 50 goals, but also a tough night as he injured his knee crashing into the goal and missed the rest of the seasons.  Having reached 50 in just 64 games, he had a legit shot at 60 that year.   (I couldn't find footage of that goal, but here's Stevie kissing Marty)

7. KOZLOV'S WESTERN CONFERENCE FINAL OT WINNER - June 11, 1995.   The Red Wings FINALLY got back to the Stanley Cup Finals - and doing it against Chicago made it sweeter.

6. THE FEDOROV FIVE -  December 26, 1996.   Federov scored all five goals for the Wings in a 5-4 OT thriller vs. the Capitals.  He scored even strength, power play and shorthand.  He scored on a breakaway and on an unassisted goal.  He scored in OT.   The only way he didn't score was on an empty net.   

5. 2002 STANLEY CUP FINAL GAME 5 -  June 13, 2002.   Red Wings Chris Chelios, Sergei Fedorov, Dominik Hasek, Brett Hull, Igor Larionov, Niclas Lidstrom, Luc Robitaille, Brendan Shanahan and Steve Yzerman are all in the hall of fame.

4. WINGS 7, AVS 0  - May 31, 2002 -   A game 7 of a Conference Final is not supposed to end up 7-0, and with these two bitter rivals.  Chasing Patrick Roy out of a game, one game after his hot dogging cost his team a goal had to be one of the most humiliating moments of his career..........ummmm, delicious.  

3. YZERMAN'S BLUE LINE BLAST - May 16, 1996.   Another Game 7 thriller.  0-0 game.  Jon Casey made some absolutely incredible saves the whole game and then gives up one from the blue line?   Another interesting fact was that this was during Wayne Gretzky's cup of coffee in Archtown and Yzerman actually picked up a loose puck after the great one made a less-than-great effort to knock the puck away.    Made a great commercial too. 

2. MARCH 26 -  March 26, 1997.   Any Red Wing fan over the age of about 27 knows the significance of that day.   Bloody revenge against the Avs.  The Wings hoisted the Cup on June 7, but they really won the Cup on that night.  Not only was the fight one of the most thrilling in NHL history, but it was a great game.   McCarty could have been crowned King Of Detroit that night - not just for beating the **** out of Tippy Turtle, but he scored the game winner in a 6-5 thriller in OT, a game in which the Wings trailed by 2 in the third period.   What a night that was. 

1. THE WAIT IS OVER -  June 7, 1997.   Steve Yzerman hoisted the Cup.  They'd been so good but always found a way to get knocked out......that game 7 vs. Toronto, getting knocked out by an 8th seed San Jose, the sweep by New Jersey, the 62 win season not ending with a Finals appearance.  None of that mattered anymore.   The greatest trophy in all of sports had a home in Detroit for two years.   have to admit,  I cried that night.  


Maybe we get one more thrill to crack that Top 10,  but I wouldn't hold my breath. 

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I think that's a great list. The top 7 for sure are the ones I'd have chosen and that order. #9 and #10 would be there as well. #8 is a good pick, I think I might choose Game 7 of the '87 series comeback against the Leafs when the Wings shut them out and Yzerman popped a breakaway. The late '80s was entertaining hockey by the Wings for a few years, although they never seemed likely to beat the Oilers in their two confrontations in the conference finals.

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On a personal note, one of my favorite moments at the Joe was actually a Joe Vision game. The clinching game six of the 2008 Stanley Cup Final against the Pens. Eight of us (six pictured below, I'm in the middle in-case you cared) decided on a whim to go down to Joe Vision for the game and packed up two cars and headed downtown. Several overpriced Little Caesars Pizza's and beers from the concourse were consumed that day. We had beer in the bed of my truck and had started drinking in the parking garage before hand too.

During the 2nd intermission they were going a 10 shots on goal contest and both of my buddies got chosen for it. The guy holding up the #1 finger (pictured below) and the guy wearing the wingnut were the two chosen. Anyways, the guy holding up the #1 finger told wingnut that not only would he beat him, but wingnut probably couldn't make a single shot. Both guys are beer league players and I figured they'd each make a couple of shots. Nope! Not only did that not end up being the case once the shootout started, wingnut made 7 of 10 shots on goal and my other buddy missed all of his. Each shot was attempted from the blueline and he missed em all. Pressure and beer are a bad combo I guess. 

To be there with a bunch of half drunk fans and watch the Wings win the Cup was awesome. To win the Cup in as good a hockey game as that was, with as heart pounding an ending as possible, with the puck sliding juuuuuusssssst behind Osgood and across the crease line, made that Cup extra dope!



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