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NBA Info - July 2016

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I realize it's the 30th but I want all the rumors that will be posted today to be in July's thread for easy viewing.



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NBA coach would rather play with four players than have Dwight Howard


"He's not motivated anymore. He's just playing for money. He turned down $24 million 'cause he thinks he can get a max deal. He's not getting a max deal. Players cannot stand playing for him," he said. "I talked to an NBA coach today who said he'd rather play with four players on the floor than have Dwight Howard on his team. And that's a fact."

The piling on didn't stop there.

"You talk with anyone involved with USA Basketball and they could not wait for him to be off the roster," he said. "He is a cancer on a basketball team. If the Celtics take him, I think it's a big mistake."

More at the link


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4 hours ago, Deleterious said:

Does Portland unlock some special level if they meet with every FA?


No, but an unnamed source said Parsons demanded something to sweeten the pot.


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