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2016 Bobblehead discussion

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Given that it's the off season now for the Lions and we don't have a GM yet: Let's talk about something completely meaningless.

Every year I try to add a Bobblehead from Forever Collectible. Only been doing it a few years so I don't have too many, but I like to try and add a new Lion now every year. I'm of course somewhat limited by what Bobbleheads Forever Collectible produces, but usually there's one guy who I'm impressed enough with that I can make it work.

Having said that, 2015's selection was Roary!

But we're talking about 2016... So, given that I already have Calvin Johnson (who might not even be here in 2016), who would y'all recommend?

Early favorites for me include Stafford, Ansah, and Abdullah. I'm sure there will be a Stafford one as there has been for the last few years, so that's probably my 'fall back' choice if neither of the other two get made. Abdullah is the "sexy" pick, but I'm somewhat reluctant because it's only been one year so far. Ansah I think would be my first choice if they made one of him.

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