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If not the Lions, do you watch pro football?

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Sometimes I feel like I'm not watching pro football even when I am watching the Lions.

I was waiting for the comment!

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I tend to watch more football when the Lions are actually decent as I like to size up the competition a bit. It's harder to get involved when the Lions suck cause: 1.) What other teams do has no effect on the Lions eventual end point in the league. 2.) It makes me jealous to see competent football.

That said I'll sometimes tune into the afternoon game if the Lions play at 1:00 and/or the Sunday night game. I'll turn on Monday night too if I've got nothing better to do.

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College sports are really the only games I can watch without an emotional investment. That and the world cup and some olympic events. They just seem to have more passion and excitement. The fact that college football has less talented players than the NFL makes it more interesting to me. On any Saturday I can see some garbage can Lionsesque team upset a top team, or a 58-55 game, or a 7-6 game, or a lateral that flies 25 yards backward and then gets run for a first down in overtime. The NFL is almost too good at times. Unless you're watching the Lions.

It's really hard for me to just watch and enjoy a random NFL or MLB or NBA Game unless it's late in a close game. All 4 quarters? No thanks. But I'll happily spend 12 hours on a Saturday watching the college game and going nuts with my friends when something crazy happens.

edit: I suppose having Sunday Ticket would help here. A big pro to the college game for me is that at almost any time there are anywhere from 2-6 games I can watch. On a lot of Sundays I'm stuck with 'Vikings-Bills' or something, and at that point I might as well gouge my own eyes out

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