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Meeting 6 p.m. 11/18/15 about JM renovations and 2016 LFT season

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Dear Flying Tigers fans,

The Flying Tigers will be holding a meeting regarding the renovations to Joker Marchant Stadium and the 2016 Flying Tigers season on Wednesday, November 18 at 6:00 p.m. in the TigerTown cafeteria. All are invited. If you wish to attend please RSVP by replying to this email. We look to seeing everyone there!

Ryan Eason | Lakeland, Box Office Manager | Detroit Tigers

2125 N. Lake Avenue, Lakeland, FL 33805 | P: (863) 413-4142 | F: (863) 413-4141

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2016 LFT at Henley confirmed...that's not really unexpected or new news.

There were no handouts so from memory:

Main Concerns seem to be:

Parking and crossing major street to get from parking to the stadium

Security around stadium, parking, neighborhood

Locker room facilities for both teams - LFT will dress at JM be brought by bus to Henley

In case of rain having enough staff for pulling tarp and shelter for players

Limited seating (about 800), do reserved or general admission?

Concessions or lack of


Education days

Money losing season expected

It was shared that $250K will be put into Henley to prepare it for the LFT season (I read $180K in the Ledger a few months ago).

Up in the air:

Game times-

Schedule was handed out but no game times given.

Could be a lot of home games at 1 pm in August, maybe every home game.

6 pm or 6:30 being floated for night games. Earlier time for concerns about crossing Florida Ave to parking at night or something like that.

Probably at least 4 10:30 am games to try to accommodate the education days

Season ticket program - not yet known what might be offered there. Staff looking for ideas. Prices, seat reservation, road trip, season ticket cards etc.

Ticket prices - I didn't hear anything about price levels of tickets bought at the window

Concessions: I heard food trucks mentioned, I heard Coke instead of Pepsi as Henley is a Coca Cola field.

No fireworks which is a given but surprisingly (to me) there is a July 4 home game on the schedule.

JM renovations...I'd write about what was shared but someone might kill me...LOL. A lot was talked about. Plan sounds good from what I heard, renovations and updates to just about everything, some you can see and a lot fans won't see like for training facilities, etc. But if it comes off as described it should be pretty nice. Hopefully much of it remains available/open in some form for the LFT season. Hopefully they finally solve the missing 2 innings of the game waiting in line for a hotdog.

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Yes, spring training is at JM in 2016. Schedule is not set yet due to other teams.

Sounds like 2016 LFT is gonna be a cluster, so it's good that I've decided to pass on season tickets. I most likely will travel to road games instead if time and my job permits me to.

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I am not sure what we will do..maybe go for the flex game package..I still want that Season Ticket holder card!!!

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If the earlier game times discussed come to be then I'm going to pass this year on LFT season tickets. I'd like to see opening day and a game here and there but I'll take this summer to do some other things and maybe catch a few home or away weekend games when I can.

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