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Signing Weiss over Filppula is just benumbing to me.

Benumbing then, benumbing now.

Or picking franzen over hossa....

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I believe if he retired he wouldn't get his money and the Wings would have a cap penalty. It's a silly loophole, but if Pronger can still be traded then it is in both his and the Wings' best interests to just LTIR him every year.

Holland just clarified that it is regular IR for him not LTIR, so it seems like they think he's coming back.

But isn't there a different distinction for retiring because of injury than just retiring? And Holland is the guy that signed Cleary again, knowing he wouldn't make the team............so I'm not sure he thinks Mule will play again. He shouldn't play again. He was having dizzy spells in non-contact practices in training camp...........what's gonna happen if he takes another hard hit - and you don't have to get hit in the head to get a concussion.

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Or picking franzen over hossa....

Yeah, wish we could have that one back. But i get why Holland did it and why fans were generally fine with it at the time, IIRC.

It wasn't that the Wings thought Franzen was better than Hossa. it was that they thought he was close enough.

- Franzen is a year younger than Hossa. Both were in their prime when they signed long contracts in 2009. You could argue that Hossa, at 29 and with 10 full NHL seasons under his belt, was in his late prime already and that Franzen, while already 28, was a late bloomer and with only 4 NHL seasons at that point had more left in him

- Hossa signed for 12 years at $63mm with Chicago. For a cap hit of $5.3mm/season. Could the Wings have negotiated a discount to that? Perhaps a bit, but not under say $60mm ($5.0mm/season). Franzen signed for 11 years at $43mm, for a $4.0mm cap hit. "Only" 1.3mm/yr less but not insignicant

- Franzen had seemingly come out of nowhere as a scorer in 2008 with 16 points in that year's playoffs including 13 goals. Hossa, despite a rap against him as a poor playoff performer, had a good playoffs as well in 2008, with 26 points in 20 games. Franzen followed that up with a solid regular season in 2009 of 59 points in 71 games, although that still fell short of Hossa's 40-goal season that year with Detroit of 71 poits in 74 games. But Franzen had another spectacular playoffs in 2009, with 12G 11A in 23 games, compared to 15 points in 23 games for Hossa - small-ish sample size but not insignificant.

- Hossa in 2015 is thought of as a complete all-round performer. I'm not sure he was perceived that way back then, at least by fans (I trust that GMs would have had a better sense). Franzen we now know is pretty one-dimensional but given that his projections earlier in his career were as a 3rd/4th line grinder and that he has a signficant size advantage over Hossa of 3 inches and 25 lbs, it's not unreasonable that people at that time might have considered it possible for him to develop into a power forward

Finally, Hossa had bounced around, with the Wings being his 4th NHL team already, while Franzen was a career Red Wing drafted by them. Should that make a difference? Maybe, maybe not. Does that make a difference? I think it does make some difference to the Wings, although probably not one of the top 5 or so factors they consider.

Of course it is a mistake, in hindsight for sure, knowing now not only their career trajectories but that Holland made some questionable signings that ate up cap space he may have saved by opting for Franzen over Hossa. But defenseable at the time, IMO.

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