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Detroit Lions 2015 Predictions Thread

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Hard to take too much from preseason especially consider the toilets they have played against, but the offense looks really awful. I thnk the 2nd year in Lombardi's system should give Stafford a much lower comfort level and with some explosiveness out of the backfield with Abdullah that will never be utilized, that should help add more pressure to the passing game.

I think the defense takes a sizeable step back, I'd be awfully surprised if they don't, and the offense won't make up for that drop off. I originally thought this would be a 10-6 team and that could certainly still be the case but looking at the schedule, I can see a 4-12 finish. It's very difficult especially after the 0-4 start.

Looks like I was spot on. :cool:

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I didn't make a prediction in this thread but before the year I was thinking 9-7. I change that to 7-9 now. It's not the fact that they started 0-3 cause I actually thought they would start 1-3(I thought they would beat SD), so I was expecting a slow start. It's just that I didn't expect them to look so bad in doing so. I thought the offense would make major strides and make up for the declining defense and they would lose cause they got beat by teams that just played better. But that hasn't been the case.

THe offense and Stafford have looked horrible and the defense has looked worse than I expected. I still don't think they're as bad as some think now, but they are looking more like a 7 win team to me.

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I am going to stick with my original prediction of 12-4. I will do this regardless of record for the remainder of the year, and if it fails to come true I intend to be hurt and surprised. I will take the mantle of Ultimate Lions Slappy in the big picture while criticizing them for everything that adds up to the big picture. This is my coping mechanism for what this season is threatening to become. Please do not be the porcupine in my balloon factory.

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Week 1: @ San Diego Chargers loss

Week 2: @ Minnesota Vikings win

Week 3: Denver Broncos (Primetime Game NBC) win

Week 4: @ Seattle Seahawks (MNF ESPN) loss

Week 5: Arizona Cardinals win

Week 6: Chicago Bears win

Week 7: Minnesota Vikings win

Week 8: @ Kansas City Chiefs (London Game) loss

Week 9: BYE WEEK

Week 10: @ Green Bay Packers loss

Week 11: Oakland Raiders win

Week 12: Philadelphia Eagles loss

Week 13: Green Bay Packers (TNF) win

Week 14: @ St. Louis Rams loss

Week 15: @ New Orleans Saints loss

Week 16: San Francisco 49'ers win

Week 17: @ Chicago Bears win



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I'm starting to love Mayhew more and more. Big fan of his. That said, I think you are correct in a lot of ways. I'll throw a few points out there.

1. 2.5 years as "more than enough time to rebuild an 0-16 team" is probably not entirely fair. Especially given Stafford's early injuries. Now,if he hadn't gotten healthy afterwards or his shoulder had been seen as a risk pre-draft, the story might be different. Neither of these things are true. You have to realize he was basically left with an empty roster, probably needing almost all new starters(22 players), but quality backups and developmental players throughout the roster. In a given year, you are probably lucky to add 6 starters if you are a top end GM(3 draft,3 FA) and even then,the FAs might be gone or non-impactful in 2-3 years when the rookies you drafted fully develop(Vanden Bosch, Burleson types, even if you didn't like those two particular players).

2. While I think making the playoffs in year 3 was pretty strong, his 2011 and 2012(which was more average than terrible like 2011)draft was one of the biggest reasons we fell off after that season. I don't mind risk in the draft, but as he said he took too many risks. He definitely has to take responsibility for that.

3. As I said above, I wouldn't fire him for a playoff season most likely. Yes, we all want a playoff win, but as a Lions fan I have a tough time firing a guy who would have made the playoffs 3/5 seasons.

4. A major factor relating to point #3 is how last year's draft is looking. You said the other day that it is looking terrible. Not sure if I agree, but at the very least they have shown almost nothing at this point. Swanson,Reid and Ebron need to do well in their roles and it would be nice to see something out of Lawson and Van Noy. I personally feel Van Noy's injuries are of the flukey variety, so I'm still open minded with him.

5. He simply cannot be called "great" as of right now.


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I'm guessing you stopped reading after the first line..........

but hey, I supported Mayhew. He was no Millen or anything and out of his first 4 relevant seasons, he made the playoffs twice. He didn't have enough consistency in winning or drafting to have long term security though. I said last year that if he missed the playoffs he had to go and said something similar this year. His team fell apart with his last two drafts and probably his coaching hire being a big reason for that, so he deserves to go. I don't think he's completely incapable of turning it around, but he shouldn't get that chance.

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Sunday night, Thursday night and 2 MNF games...I am just now REALLY looking at the schedule. What is up with the 9am game? Is that a London game?

W-Week 1: @ San Diego Chargers

W-Week 2: @ Minnesota Vikings

L-Week 3: Denver Broncos (Primetime Game NBC)

L-Week 4: @ Seattle Seahawks (MNF ESPN)

W-Week 5: Arizona Cardinals

W-Week 6: Chicago Bears

L-Week 7: Minnesota Vikings

W-Week 8: @ Kansas City Chiefs (London Game)

Week 9: BYE WEEK

W-Week 10: @ Green Bay Packers

W-Week 11: Oakland Raiders

L-Week 12: Philadelphia Eagles

L-Week 13: Green Bay Packers (TNF)

W-Week 14: @ St. Louis Rams

W-Week 15: @ New Orleans Saints

W-Week 16: San Francisco 49'ers

W-Week 17: @ Chicago Bears

looks like 11-5


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