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Verlander rehab start

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Verlander starting today against Indianapolis. Like old home week. A couple of ex-Tigers starting for Indy, Gustavo Nunex, Gorkys Henenadez, and ole buddy Steve Lombardozzi.

He should feel right at home with the mudhens O. they put two on in the top of the 1st but Moya and Hessman K to end the threat so no lead for JV going out.

JV's first pitch a 91 mph FB for a called strike

1st inning, 1 H, 1 K, 20 pitches. (!)

2nd inning, 2H, 2W, 1K, 2R, HBP, 36 pitches(!!!) Two runs score when Machado lets a2 out pop-up drop with the bases loaded, no errror charged as Dixon never touched it. FB touched 94

3rd inning: 3H, 1K, 1R, 1K, 23 pitches. Fields with a poor jump on a catchable ball in front of him for one of the hits. JV Pulled with 2 out at 79 pitches thrown.

FB 91-93

totals: 2.2 IP, 6H (4 honest ones), 2B, 3K, 3ER (none honest), 79 pitches

Got ahead of most batters, couldn't put them away plus 2 where Fields/Machado couldn't catch the ball. Even though a minimally competent defense yields no earned runs, he was struggling to put relatively poor hitters away, was not throwing off-speed stuff for strikes. FB velocity still some way to get back to where it was at the end of ST. He might not like to hear it but he needs more work before he will be ready - assuming he feels OK tomorrow.

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That's the biggest thing, hopefully he is feeling alright, and doesn't have to be shut down again. It's right inline with what they wanted for pitches though, 75-85 I believe was the number.

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