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08/19/2014: Detroit Tigers (Scherzer) at Tampa Bay Rays (Archer) - 7:10p

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From Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida, it is the...



visiting the

Tampa Bay Rays

Pitching Match-up

Max Scherzer (14-4, 2.98 era) vs Chris Archer (8-6, 3.24 era)


Happy birthday to these former Tigers:

David Palmer 57, Terry Harper 59, Fred Lasher 73, Jim Finigan 1928-1981



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This game will be the start of Miguel Cabrera's 53 game hitting streak.......in which he puts the team on his back and carries the Tigers to a World Series championship.

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Just kidding here he is:


Welcome back. Seriously...keep stirring the pot.

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Its time to mess around with the lineup, right? I mean, the offense looks dead most of the time any more. Need to try something. I might consider the following against Chris Archer.

1. M. Cabrera, 1B

2. JD Martinez, LF

3. V. Martinez, DH

4. N. Castellanos, 3B

5. A. Avila, C

These are the guys that are swinging well (or better than the rest) lately, be it getting on base, hitting with power, whatever is driving up their OPS to at least a respectable level.

6. I. Kinsler, 2B

7. T. Hunter, RF

At some point Kinsler will hit again. Hunter has the resume, and hopefully he finds a way to revisit it. Regardless, these are the guys that are going to play at these two positions, and they ain't hitting 8th & 9th.

8. R. Davis, CF

9. A. Romine, SS

The bottom two, I don't know what you do. I can see a case for Carrera over Davis for defense, and a case for Suarez over Romine for offense. And for whatever its worth, Romine is 2/4 with a BB & K against Archer.

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And now the Royals get a series with the Rockies.


They beat good teams. If they make they playoffs, nobody can say they "backed in". They are playing like a team determined to take advantage if the Tiger' dysfunction. Of course, a lot can change in 40 games. I keep reminding myself a couple years ago we were 3 GB behind the White Sox with only about a week or two remaining. The WS collapsed and we went to the World Series.

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Seems like every game the Tigers are facing a pitcher with an ERA under 3.50.

I think this is the week we know.... 6 games on the road.... Anything less than 3-3 and the team's doomed. They'll fold.

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