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GCL Season

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Hey Guys,

I take it Detroit hasn't released any type of preliminary roster for the GCL Tigers yet? Sorry to not have posted/been around for awhile.. You know am mainly Boston fan anyway, but since live here in Lakeland I try to attend many GCL and a handful of FSL games each year, though mostly GCL.

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Interesting read No VSL Tigers and there will be 2 teams in the GCL this year. Venezuelan Summer League Shuts Down - BaseballAmerica.com … …

Yes, very interesting. To summarize for those that don't click through, the VSL is shutting down (Cubs pulled out leaving only 3 teams). The Tigers will send their more experienced DSL/VSL players to the GCL where they have facilities to house and support a large number of players (i.e. 2 teams). Less experienced DSL/VSL players go/stay in DSL.

The 4 orgs that had roster full of VSL guys have to find a way to logistically handle everything, this is the Tigers plan. Others might add an additional DSL team if they can work it out. I believe the Tigers' academy is likely to remain, in so far that it hasn't been mentioned as being cut.

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