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Michigan State University Spartans collection

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I'm not done collecting Detroit Tigers, but I have definitely shifted some of my recent focus to Michigan State University Spartans. I figured instead of cluttering the Tigers successes thread like I have, I would start a new thread with all of my Spartan memorabilia to date.

Kirk Cousins (regular mini, combat mini, Spartan 11x14, Redskins 11x14 and Meijer giveaway)


Kirk Cousins (NFL official football)


Le'Veon bell (regular mini)


2013 Minnesota game program honoring seniors (signed by Bullough, Dennard, Elsworth, Fonoti, Fowler and Lewis)


2013-2014 Spartan full-size helmet (signed by Bullough, Dennard, Elsworth, Fonoti, Fowler and Lewis)



2014 Rose Bowl program signed by Mark Dantonio


Spartan speed mini helmets (signed by Bullough, Elsworth and Dantonio)


The Stop 8x10 signed by Kyler Elsworth (purchased after the signing, wish it was in silver)


Thanks for looking!

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I went to the Darqueze Dennard and Isaiah Lewis signing at Motor City Sports Gallery today. Here is my haul...

Darqueze Dennard (mini helmet)


Darqueze Dennard (11x14 photograph)


Isaiah Lewis' agent started driving to Shelby, MI instead of Shelby Twp, MI (heading west from EL, instead of east), so after waiting an hour, the folks at MCSG let us know that he was going to be even later than expected and gave out free photos and an extra autograph per autograph purchased. I needed to get back to Grand Rapids, so left my two items (mini helmet and "The Stop" photo already signed by Elsworth) to have signed and mailed to me. I left my two complimentary photos and assume I'll get those back signed, as well.

I swung by DC Sports prior to the 1pm signing at MCSG to see what kind of lineup that had for Elsworth. I would guess about 40-50 people in line (significantly less than what showed up at Legends). I assume the signing in East Lansing and Grand Rapids effected turnout. Also, didn't seem like a lot of overlap at the Dennard and Lewis signing. I think there are a lot of DC Sports sheep who have no idea what other signings are going on. I would be curious about the turnout at Gibraltar today, too.

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I got my Isaiah Lewis stuff back from the Motor City Sports Gallery signing. As mentioned in the previous post, Lewis and his agent drove to the wrong Shelby and were running more than an hour late by the time I decided to cut bait and ask the fine folks at MCSG to get my stuff signed and mail it to me:

Isaiah Lewis (Riddell Speed mini helmet)


Isaiah Lewis (8x10 from Rose Bowl - I received two of these photos as compensation for the late arrival)


Kyler Elsworth and Isaiah Lewis (8x10 of the Stop - I purchased the photo already signed by Elsworth in silver, as I didn't like my gold signed one in a previous post)


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Even though I hit the Darqueze Dennard and Isaiah Lewis signing a few weeks ago, I decided to go to the Dennard signing today at DC Sports so I could bring my son. I got the chrome helmet (Nebraska game) for me and my son got the mini speed helmet for coming along with me:


I have to say that all of the Spartans I have met at the public signings this year have been awesome. My son is only 3 and has had great interactions with Fou Fonoti, Kyler Elsworth, and, now, Darqueze Dennard. All took their time with him and answered his question. He always asks what their favorite ride at Disneyland was (they went during the Rose Bowl).

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I attended the West Michigan Sports Commission luncheon today with keynote speaker Kirk Cousins. I cam prepared with a mini-helmet and left a full-size pro combat Spartan helmet in my car. The speech was great, but he left immediately after he finished to catch a flight. All was not lost, since Coach Mark Dantonio was there to introduce him (this was not publicized, as far as I know). Since I already had Coach on a mini helmet, I ran back to my car and grabbed the full-size helmet and got him to sign it:


Prime example of bringing more than what I expect to get signed. I just wish I had my full-sized team helmet I'm working on.

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I attended the Denicos Allen and Bennie Fowler signing today at Legend's Sports and Games in Grand Rapids. Here is my haul:

Allen and Fowler mini speed helmets


Allen added to my team full sized helmet (already signed by Bullough, Dennard, Elsworth, Fonoti, Fowler and Lewis)


Bennie Fowler 8x10 from Rose Bowl


Allen added to my Senior Program from the Minnesota game (already signed by Bullough, Dennard, Elsworth, Fonoti, Fowler and Lewis)


I slipped the program back into the sleeve before it was completely dry (total rookie mistake). I don't think it turned out too bad, but still a little disappointed.

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Three days in a row graphing Spartans! This time I was in Flint for the 2nd Annual Flintstone Challenge 5k, where Kyler Elsworth was the Grand Marshal. Really nice, humble guy. He had no problem signing three Rose Bowl photos and showing off his Rose Bowl ring.






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A couple new additions to my Spartans collection:

Gary Harris Sports Illustrated (obtained through Legend's public signing - drop-off)


Tony Mandarich Sports Illustrated (obtained TTM, less than a week turnaround)


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I attended the Meet the Spartans event at Spartan Stadium on August 12. Needless to say, the Rose Bowl victory brought out a lot more fans then in years past. I really don't think they were set up to handle the crowds. I got there about an hour before gates, when gates opened, I hopped into one of the player lines. When the players finally came out, I only recognized Tony Lippett. However, as I was going through I realized Delton Williams was at this table, too. I got them on my Rose Bowl team helmet and got others on a Spring Football game program (not pictured):

Tony Lippett


Delton Williams and Keith Mumphrey


After getting through my first line, I rushed over to an adjacent table that had Keith Mumphrey and Connor Cook (along with other players I didn't recognize). Honestly, the lines were so screwed up, I'm sure I lucked into this as I realized after the fact that the Dantonio line and this other line kind of morphed into one.

Connor Cook


My silver sharpie crapped out on me after the first table, so I borrowed another one from someone behind me in line. Due to the absolutely madhouse and no backup silver sharpie, I got out of there after hitting two tables.

So far on my Rose Bowl helmet I have: Denicos Allen, Max Bullough, Connor Cook, Darqueze Dennard, Kyler Elsworth, Fou Fonoti, Bennie Fowler, Isaiah Lewis, Tony Lippett, Keith Mumphrey, and Delton Williams.

I would still like to add: Mark Dantonio, Shilique Calhoun, Kurtis Drummond, Jeremy Langford, Trae Waynes and a couple other starters from the Rose Bowl team. As it stands, it's already pretty full.

A few weeks ago, I picked up this Magic Johnson SI with PSA/DNA certification for a steal $35 delivered:


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I purchased this in a recent MSU Official Online Auction. This authentic game worn Spartan Football Home Alternate Jersey was advertised as being worn in Michigan State's 23-7 win over Eastern Michigan on September 22nd, 2012 at Spartan Stadium. The lack of the Big Ten patch on the upper right chest, makes me think it is actually a 2010 or 2011 jersey. I think the most likely game is the 2011 Wisconsin game and worn by Taiwan Jones. I'll do some additional research, but still happy with my purchase:



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Went to the Spartan Winter Tailgate in Grand Rapids and did pretty well:

Mark Dantonio signed Cotton Bowl program


Mark Dantonio signed tunnel photo


Lorenzo White signed 1988 Rose Bowl mini-mega ticket


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Ran into Mateen Cleeves at a recent alumni event and got him on his two SI covers:


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West Michigan Spartan Winter Tailgate on February 11, 2016

Mark Dantonio 2/2 (bronze mini helmet and team signed Rose Bowl helmet)



Connor Kruse 1/1 (team signed Rose Bowl helmet)


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Went to the Shilique Calhoun, Darien Harris and Joel Heath signing at Legend's on March 12

I got them all on my full size MSU team helmet, but was happiest to complete the 2013 Rose Bowl - The Stop (already signed by Elsworth and Lewis)


Rose Bowl - The Stop.jpg

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