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11/24/13. Bucs @ Lions. Week 12, 1:05pm. FOX.

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Two and a half weeks ago, I was absolutely sure this was the year we'd win this division. With the injuries to Rodgers and Cutler and the sweep of the Bears, we've been handed an opportunity we haven't seen in years. An opportunity we may never see again.

The loss to the Steelers I can take. It was on the road in the rain, and the Steelers are a much better team now than they were early on.

But this loss to the Bucs... I don't think I've ever been as demoralized by a loss... or this may be a close second to the 16th loss in 2008.

This was just ri-frickin-diculous. I can't envision that any fumble like Durham's has ever happened in the NFL. And to be THIS close to winning a second game in the year with a -4 TO ratio, and having it pulled out from under us was infuriating.

I've had a couple days to calm down, and I'm still convinced we not only won't, but can't sniff the playoffs this year. I don't see any scenario where we don't blow this.

And I hate feeling that way. I've stuck with this team through no thick and all thin, but I'm starting to reach that point of being beaten down so bad that I can't envision them winning. Ever.

I hate this. Just hate it.

Welcome to being a Lions fan!

I think my lowest point as a Lions fan was the playoff loss to Philly. And then they gave Fontes an extension.

I was still in my 20s then and thought the Lions could actually, you know, win something. I've never felt that way since.

Nowadays I just get mad when a Lions loss helps out the Bears.

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Welcome to being a Lions fan!

So much pain involved.

I always hope, dream, etc. that they will turn it around but then the pain comes as the season rolls on.

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