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UM/College Football chasing away student fans

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Nice commentary on UoM radio this morning by John Bacon about the falling student support for college football. The "U" has responded by trying to 'punish' upper class students by taking away their seating priority. Bacon lays out the case of why College Football in general and the 'U' have, over the last generation, made the gameday experience progressively less valuable, more expensive, more difficult and less predictable for student fans, so it really shouldn't be surprised when they don't show.

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Bacon wrote a corresponding column that was published today in the The Ann Arbor Chronicle...

Column: UM Football Policy A Bad Bet -- Big-money approach shortchanges students, undercuts loyalty

It's pretty much been all downhill since Canham threw out the Boy Scouts......


EDIT: Seriously though - general admission would be a classic 'cut off your nose to spite your face' kind of move. I was a student during the Bo era, and was already a fan as my older sister had gotten me tickets to a number of games when I was in HS, and even for me, it was only the pull of having great seats as an upperclassman that motivated me to pony up a relatively small amount of money (compared to today) to sit in row 20 of the end zone as a freshman and have the game at the flagpole end be a rumor. And if you lose a freshman ticket buyer, that buyer is probably lost permanently as a student and an alum.

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