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Auburndale Ray

Helpful Hints and Tips Thread!!!

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This is your chance to help your fellow Morons by offering some handy-dandy hints and tips to make our pathetic lives a little more bearable...

Even you can help out here...


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These are great, Ray.

Well, I don't have a picture to go with it, but with Easter coming, I'll share how to make the perfect batch of hard boiled eggs..... whether you're making two eggs, or two dozen eggs.

Place eggs in pot, and cover with cold water.

Bring eggs to boil, uncovered.

Once they start to boil, remove the pot from the burner, and immediately cover the pot.

Wait 10 minutes.

Drain the pot, and pour cold water over the eggs.

Your eggs will be perfectly boiled and (once refrigerated), you're ready to color them!!

(Even at my advanced age, this is one activity I still LOVE, and will probably still be coloring eggs til I'm 90)

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Maybe, but it usually takes a can of Dupont #7 compound and a powered wheel to really do a decent job on one of these.

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this dont work

Nope. Sure doesn't. Tried it. Then tried one of those "as seen on TV" kits from Target. Finally daughter's car to a detailer to get it done right.

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Wash jeans and other heavy cotton clothing inside out. It helps to prevent fading and wear, but the best part is that the hems, pockets, and pocket flaps don't roll up. (Esp. useful on cargo pants or short.) Less ironing is always a good thing.

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Well...I received a nice 100% Puma Cotton Polo Shirt for Christmas...

It was Navy Blue in color...

The first time I went out to eat with it on, I spilled gravy and other food stains on the front of it...

I sprayed some of the pre-wash stain removers on the spot and washed it...

The stains did not all come out and the shirt looked bad...

I tried washing it again with a different spot remover and it did not help...

SO...Here is what I did and it worked PERFECTLY...

I got some of the plain old cheap blue DAWN dishwashing liquid...Not the new stuff with Anti-bacterial, or 2X Concentrate...

The cheap DAWN that is 98 cents for a small bottle at Wal-Mart...

I placed the shirt on a counter and put a drop of DAWN on each spot...

I took my finger and finger nail and rubbed it into the fabric for a few seconds on each spot...

I let it set for 5 minutes and then washed the shirt without any detergent in the washer...

My shirt came out spotless...

So, for all the critics...THIS WORKS...So there...


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