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WELCOME to the 2013 Adopt-A-Tiger Draft

The #1 draft position has been awarded to estrepe1 (Brian Bluhm), and we will make the selection on his behalf at Noon on Sunday.

We will then continue with #2 (treyKemper's) selection. #3 is free to pick immediately after the second player has been selected, and so forth. Each draft position is given a 24 hour clock for making a selection. If that person's clock expires, the next position is then free to draft, and their 24-hour clock begins. If you miss your turn, you aren't disqualified. You can still make a pick at any time, but your pickings just won't be as good!

Please make an effort to check in every day or two, and remember that you don't have to wait 24 hours before you pick - let's keep this moving quickly for everyone. The draft usually takes about two weeks to finish (participation is down about 25% so it may be sooner).

This post will be updated below with everyone's picks, so check here at least every day or two, to see if your selection is due.

First 25 picks will be conducted as outlined above. Then we go into Shaggy's patented "turbo mode":

Picks 26-50: Once pick #25 is made both picks 26 and 27 will be on the clock. This will speed things up a bit, however still "protect" the draft position to an extent. Once one of the two on the clock makes a selection, #28 goes on the clock, and so forth. Once again each member on the clock has a 24 hour window for making a pick. If your clock expires, you can still make a pick at any time from the remaining available players.

Picks 51 - finish: Once picks #49 AND #50 are made picks 51, 52 and 53 will all be put on the clock.

From that point on, three members will be "on the clock" at once, to pick on a first come first served basis. Again they will be on a 24 hour clock.

After the initial draft phase, we'll begin the "free for all" phase, for those who missed out on registering for the lottery. You can pick one of the undrafted "leftovers", first come first served!

If something comes up in "real life", your draft position is coming up, and you know you might be absent, please PM me a ranked list of players, and I can draft for you by proxy. Also, if you decide not to participate, please PM me and I'll remove you from the draft order.

You may draft any player at any level. Others affiliated with the Tigers CAN be drafted, but you might find it more fun and rewarding to adopt and follow a player. Many here prefer to draft young prospects, and update us on their progress throughout the season. And when making your selection, please consider giving some information/scouting on your selection, and why you selected him.

Now let's refer to the Book of ShaggyRy. Let's call this "Your Adopted Tiger 101":

Once you draft a player, you've adopted him. what does that mean?? Really nothing. This is just a little thing we've done around here for a few years now in the winter doldrums when Spring training is on the horizon to get us talking baseball again.

If your player has a good year, it's because of you and you have bragging rights, and if they stink it up it is your fault. During the season in the game threads and such your affiliations could be brought up and you could be called on the carpet if your adopted player screws up. You have to defend them at all costs, against all comers. He is your baby, you have to protect him.

Minor league adoptions should look to keep us updated on your selected player throughout the season in the Minor League forum. Keep track of their numbers and let us know when he's on a hot streak or if he's been promoted to a higher league. You can use the teams official websites to find such information, as well we usually have Tiger Organization minor league stats posted in the Minor Leauge forum as well as box scores posted as well. Microline and Co. does a good job over there and not all of us are minor league freaks, so even if you know nothing about the minor leagues and get "stuck" with a minor league player, check it out over there and learn something about your player and the up and comers in the Tigers Farm.

Last season some members decided to use their sig lines to keep others updated on their adoptees, a practice I hope to see continued for the most part.

Here are your 2013 DETROIT TIGERS !!

If you want to draft a different person not listed below - I can always add after you have picked them. If one of these players has been traded or released, please advise. Thanks!



Al Alburquerque - mckibbka

Duane Below - vannzee

Joaquín Benoit - hardysf

Phil Coke - mike0618

Casey Crosby - VegasTiger

Octavio Dotel - peze23

Darin Downs - A.J.K.

Doug Fister - Porcelain God

Kyle Lobstein (Rule V) - Shelton

Luis Marté - Potthole

Melvin Mercedes - po

José Ortega - wingedwheel

Rick Porcello - brideck

Luke Putkonen - California Dreaming

Bruce Rondón - tigerbomb13

Aníbal Sánchez - JayVee

Max Scherzer - catswithbats

Drew Smyly - Tramlou

Justin Verlander - KleShreen

Brayan Villarreal - drownwithyou


Alex Avila - Simple Simon

Ramón Cabrera - Dan Gilmore

Bryan Holaday - iholly

Víctor Martínez - Motor City Sonics

Brayan Peña - Frink


Miguel Cabrera - TigerFan1984

Prince Fielder - Al de Blanc

Omar Infante - Bambino Lino

Jeff Kobernus (Rule V) - TheCouga

Dixon Machado - Imminent Threat

Jhonny Peralta - Detroit Rock City

Hernán Pérez - Walt

Ramón Santiago - tigerfanfromchicago

Danny Worth - goast8127


Quintin Berry - MelissaG915

Brennan Boesch - bugmanson

Andy Dirks - Tramfan

Avisail García - T.O. Tiger Fan

Torii Hunter - Kamakzie

Austin Jackson - lousluggage



Trevor Bell

Shawn Hill


Brad Davis

Argenis Diaz

Don Kelly - Big Frame

Kevin Russo

Matt Tuiasosopo - Hongbit


Jim Leyland - davidsb

Rafael Belliard (first base) - SacBunt

Tom Brookens (third base) - bosman

Toby Harrah (assistant hitting)

Mike Henneman - Zack Attack

Jeff Jones (pitching) - JAYB

Gene Lamont (bench) - MissouriKaline6

Lloyd McClendon (hitting)

Scott Pickens (bullpen catcher)

Mike Rojas (bullpen)


Rod Allen - Sheriff Mayhem

Dan Dickerson - djhutch

Dave Dombrowski - clemma

Shannon Hogan - keepleyland2

Mike Ilitch - TigersSlappy

Mario Impemba - Waterfallguy59

Heather Nabozny

Jim Price - sabertooth

Mike Smith - Tiger337

Paws the Tiger - Titus Tiger



(Drafted before 2011 or signed overseas – see below for last two drafts)

Nick Castellanos, OF/3B - treyKemper

Danry Vasquez, OF - TigersFan81371

Jordan Lennerton, 1B - CanTig

Jesus Ustariz, 3B - Sagnam

Harold Castro, 2B - BengalBJ

Eugenio Suarez, SS - Los Gatos

John Lindsey, 1B - Charles Liston

Brenny Paulino, RHP - slim pickens

Kyle Ryan, RHP - DWPerkins

Javier Betancourt, 2B/SS - Gehringer_2

Steven Moya, OF - redshark63

Brennan Smith, RHP - Sports_Freak

Endrys Briceno, RHP - alwaysthrowheat

Daniel Fields, OF - calpon

Kevin Eichhorn, RHP - fyrftrjim

Tyler Clark, RP - hueytaxi

Colin Kaline, 2B - Tigeraholic1

Ben Guez, OF - RandyMarsh

Jose Alvarez, SP - bugmanson

Alex Burgos, LHP

Matt Hoffman, LHP - Holygoat

Kenny Faulk, LHP

Gustavo Nunez, SS - mickeyb105

Edgar De La Rosa, RHP - 84 Lives !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manuel Joseph, SS

Anthony Castro, RHP

Jose Valdez, RHP

Tyler Stohr, RHP

Jade Todd, P

Jesus Guzman, P

Confesor Lara, P - TTF

Orvin Tovar, OF

Franklin Navarro, C

Jose Zambrano, 2B

Eudis Idrogo, P

Tyler White, P

Sandy Acevedo, OF

Yerison Pena, 2B

Carlos Monasterios, P

Detroit Tigers 2012 Draft Picks

Jake Thompson, RHP (2nd, 91st overall) - estrepe1

Austin Schotts, CF (3rd, 121st overall) - Dirk Diggler

Drew VerHagen, RHP (4th rd) - C03BRA

Joe Rogers, LHP (5th rd)

Jordan John, LHP (6th rd)

Hudson Randall, RHP (7th rd)

Jeff McVaney, LF (8th rd)

Jake Stewart, CF (9th rd)

Charles Gillies, RHP (10th rd)

Bennett Pickar, C (11th rd)

Julio Felix, RHP (12th rd)

Devon Travis, 2B (13th rd) - ErieTigerFan

Hunter Scantling, RHP (14th rd)

Jordan Dean, SS (15th rd)

Josh Turley, LHP (16th rd)

Slade Smith, RHP (17th rd)

Will Clinard, RHP (19th rd) - Punk42AE

Logan Ehlers, LHP (20th rd)

Alex Phillips, LHP (21st rd)

D.J. Driggers, RF (22nd rd)

Andrew Harrison, RHP (23rd rd)

Nick Carmichael, RHP (24th rd)

Jared Reaves, SS (25th rd)

Rashad Brown, CF (26th rd)

Miguel Paulino, CF (27th rd)

Joshua Carr, RHP (28th rd)

Zach Kirksey, OF (29th rd)

Preston Jamison, LHP (30th rd)

Tyler Hanover, 2B (33rd rd)

Matt Davenport, RHP (34th rd)

Jacob Kapstein, C (35th rd)

Charlie Neil, C (37th rd)

Ryan Longstreth, LHP (40th rd)

Detroit Tigers 2011 Draft Picks

James McCann C (Rd 2) - Ben9753

Aaron Westlake OF (Rd 3) - plantcitytigersfan

Jason King OF (Rd 4)

Brandon Loy SS (Rd 5) - Corky

Tyler Collins OF (Rd 6) - MC24

Brian Flynn LHP (Rd 7)

Jason Krizan OF (Rd 8)

Chad Wright OF (Rd 9)

Curt Casali C (Rd 10) - hollandspartan

Dean Green 1B (Rd 11) - DaYooperASBDT

Jeff Holm OF (Rd 12)

Ryan Woolley RHP (Rd 13)

Patrick Smith OF (Rd 14)

Tyler Gibson SS (Rd 15)

Ismael Salgado OF (Rd 16)

Chad Smith RHP (Rd 17)

Brett Harrison 3B (Rd 18)

Daniel Bennett RHP (Rd 19)

Tyler Barrett LHP (Rd 20)

Thomas Collier RHP (Rd 22) - wolverinefan

Matt Crouse LHP (Rd 24)

Colin Kaline 2B (Rd 26)

Scott Matyas RHP (Rd 27)

Guido Knudson RHP (Rd 28)

Montreal Robertson RHP (Rd 29)

Brian Stroud LHP (Rd 31)

Brandon Eckerle OF (Rd 32)

Daniel Kickham LHP (Rd 33)

Zach Maggard C (Rd 34)

Eric Heckaman LHP (Rd 35)

Jake Sabol LHP (Rd 36)

Nicholas Avila LHP (Rd 37)

Andrew Allen (Rd 45)


1 estrepe1 - Jake Thompson, SP

2 treyKemper - Nick Castellanos, OF/3B

3 Dirk Diggler - Austin Schotts, OF

4 TigersFan81371 - Danry Vasquez, OF

5 KleShreen - Justin Verlander, SP

6 DaYooperASBDT - Dean Green, 1B

7 brideck - Rick Porcello, SP

8 TigerFan1984 - Jose Miguel Cabrera, 3B

9 Biff Mayhem - Rod Allen. I see you, big fella.

10 tigerbomb13 - Bruce Rondon, RP

11 catswithbats - Max Scherzer, SP

12 JayVee - Anibal Sanchez, SP

13 Al de Blanc - Prince Fielder, 1B

14 T.O. Tiger Fan - Avasail Garcia, OF

15 Motor City Sonics - Victor Martinez, DH

16 Porcelain God - Doug Fister, SP

17 Lousluggage - Awesome Jackson, CF

18 vannzee - Duane Below, RP

19 SimpleSimon - Alex Avila, C

20 Kamakzie - Torii Hunter, OF

21 Tramfan - Andy Dirks, OF

22 mike0618 - Phil Coke, RP

23 Bambino Lino - Omar Infante, 2B

24 sagnam - Jesus Ustariz, 3B

25 bosman - Tom Brookens

26 tigerfanfromchicago - Ramon Santiago, INF

27 clemma - Dave Dumbrowski

28 Tramlou - Drew Smyly, SP

29 djhutch - Dan Dickerson

30 mckibbka - Al Alburquerque, RP

31 Detroit Rock City - Jhonny Peralta, SS

32 CanTig - Jordan Lennerton, 1B

33 goast8127 - Danny Worth, INF

34 TigersSlappy - Mike Illitch

35 hardysf - Joaquin Benoit, RP

36 wolverinefan - Tommy Collier, SP

37 C03BRA - Drew VerHagen, SP

38 davidsb - James R. Leyland

39 MelissaG915 - Quintin Berry, OF

40 BengalBJ - Harold Castro, 2B

41 Los Gatos - Eugenio Suarez, SS

42 potthole - Luis Marte, RP

43 drownwithyou - Brayan Villarreal, RP

44 Frink - may make a new selection at any time, holding Brayan Pena for him

45 bugmanson - B. Boesch, OF - released - change to Jose Alvarez, SP

46 plantcitytigersfan - Aaron Westlake, 1B/OF

47 peze23 - Octavio Dotel, RP

48 TheCouga - Jeff Kobernus, 2B/OF

49 Imminent Threat - Dixon Machado, SS

50 A.J.K. - Darrin Downs, RP

51 VegasTiger - Casey Crosby, SP

52 Big Frame - Don Kelly, all

53 Charles Liston - John Lindsey, 1B

54 tigernut - may select at any time

55 slim pickens - Brenny Paulino, RHP

56 DWPerkins - Kyle Ryan, RHP

57 Gehringer_2 - Javier Betancourt, INF

58 iholly - Bryan Holaday, C

59 JAYB - Jeff Jones

60 ben9753 - James McCann, C

61 tiger337 - Mike Smith

62 Punk42AE - Will Clinard, RHP

63 redshark63 - Steven Moya, OF

64 Waterfallguy59 - Mario Impemba

65 MC24 - Tyler Collins, OF

66 cruzer1 - may select at any time

67 Sports_Freak - Brennan Smith, SP

68 Eric Cioe - may select at any time

69 alwaysthrowheat - Endrys Briceno, RHP

70 Hongbit - Matt Tuiasosopo, INF

71 hollandspartan - Curt Casali, C

72 Corky - Brandon Loy, SS

73 fyrftrjim - Kevin Eichhorn, RP

74 TitusTiger - Paws The Tiger

75 hueytaxi - Tyler Clark, RP

76 Shelton - Kyle Lobstein, RP

77 SacBunt - Rafael Belliard

78 MissouriKaline6 - Gene Lamont

79 Walt - Hernan Perez, INF

80 Keepleyland2 - Shannon Hogan

81 po - Melvin Mercedes, RP

82 Dan Gilmore - Ramon Cabrera, C

83 Tigeraholic1 - Colin Kaline, 2B

84 Zack attack - Mike Henneman

85 sabertooth - Jim Price

86 California Dreaming - Luke Putkonen, RP

87 calpon - Daniel Fields, OF

88 mickeyb105 - Gustavo Nunez, SS

89 wingedwheel - Jose Ortega, RP

90 ErieTigerFan - Devon Travis, 2B

91 RandyMarsh - Ben Guez, OF


92 - 84 Lives !!! - Edgar De La Rosa, SP

93 - TTF - Confesor Lara, SP

94 - Holygoat - Matt Hoffman, RP

Edited by DaYooperASBDT

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This year I am honored to make the #1 selection on behalf of Estrepe1.

This young man was drafted #91 overall last June and was convinced to sign with the Tigers instead

of attending Texas A&M University. Definitely their loss and Detroit's gain in coming years.

Jake Thompson, SP


Brief scouting synopsis and his Gulf Coast League stats - from Fangraphs.com:

[TABLE=width: 598]


[TD=align: right]Age[/TD]

[TD=align: right]G[/TD]

[TD=align: right]GS[/TD]

[TD=align: right]IP[/TD]

[TD=align: right]H[/TD]

[TD=align: right]HR[/TD]

[TD=align: right]K/9[/TD]

[TD=align: right]BB/9[/TD]

[TD=align: right]ERA[/TD]

[TD=align: right]FIP[/TD]



[TD=align: right]18[/TD]

[TD=align: right]7[/TD]

[TD=align: right]7[/TD]

[TD=align: right]28.1[/TD]

[TD=align: right]14[/TD]

[TD=align: right]1[/TD]

[TD=align: right]9.85[/TD]

[TD=align: right]3.18[/TD]

[TD=align: right]1.91[/TD]

[TD=align: right]2.64[/TD]



Lacking a first round draft pick in 2012, Thompson was the organization’s first selection with the 91st overall slot. The right-hander has a big, strong frame and has room to grow as a pitcher after also playing first base for his high school club. Thompson has a promising repertoire with an 87-92 mph fastball than can touch 94-95 mph. He also features an inconsistent slider and a developing changeup.

A scout familiar with Thompson said, “The thing that stood out the most for me about Jake is that every time I saw him he had command and mound presence. The bigger the game, the better he pitched. He’ll beat you more with location and life than he will with velocity, but the velocity has the potential to be good… As with many dominant high school kids he never really needed to go to a third pitch, so getting comfortable with using his changeup is a key for him and I think he was able to start doing that last summer.”

Another talent evaluator I spoke with said Thompson’s big need is to improve his fastball command but he showed a lot of promise during the fall instructional league, including good bite to his breaking ball and a feel for his changeup. “He’s really an exciting kid… He just needs to learn how to prepare himself for the full grind of a professional season.”

Edited by DaYooperASBDT

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I choose the 44th pick in the 2010 MLB Draft:

Nick Castellanos

Picking the kid #2 is putting a lot of pressure on him.

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Nick C strives on stress. He laughs at prescription mood drug ads. Ice water dreams of flowing through his veins.

The Mahareesh comes to see him. He wrote all of Bobby McFerrin's songs.

C'mon Kemper, you are slacking already bro. :wink:

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Aw shucks! I finally get a promotion from used bubble gum.

1 estrepe1 - Jake Thompson, SP

2 treyKemper - Nick Castellanos, OF/3B

Edited by DaYooperASBDT

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With the 4th pick in the 2013 MotownSports.com Adopt-A-Tiger Selection Extravaganza, TigersFan81371 selects

Danry Vasquez



2012 Instructional League Photo by Roger "HueyTaxi" DeWitt

Born: 1/8/94

Birthplace: Ocumare Del Tuy, Venezuela

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 169

Bats: Left

Throws: Right

Signed by the Tigers as an international free agent on July 2 2010.

MiLB.com Profile Page

Baseball-Reference.com Page

Vasquez picked up a nice $1.2 million signing bonus upon joining the Tigers organization in 2010, and he's one of a small handful of prospects in the system that has the potential to make a lot more than that.

He made his professional debut in 2011 with the Gulf Coast League Tigers. At the age of 17, he held his own, putting up a slash line of .272/.306/.350/.655 in 54 games. For the entire 2012 season, he actually bettered that slash line by going .273/.308/.356/.664 in 101 games.

However, if you were to ask Charles Dickens to describe young Danry's season, he would say it was a tale of two cities. Those two cities were Comstock Park, Michigan (home of the Low-A West Michigan Whitecaps) and Norwich, Connecticut (home of the Short Season-A Connecticut Tigers).

The Tigers had decided to send Vasquez to the Whitecaps to start the 2012 season. It was widely seen as an aggressive move. On Opening Day, he was the youngest player in the Midwest League. Vasquez mostly struggled, putting up a slash line of .162/.218/.222/.440 in 29 games.

Vasquez did have a brief taste of success with the Whitecaps, however, when he enjoyed a memorable Friday the 13th in April, as reported by Mlive.com's Dean Holzwarth:

West Michigan Whitecaps left fielder Danry Vasquez didn’t know if his shot headed toward the gap in center field had enough to clear the wall.

Fortunately, it did, and it helped the Whitecaps knock their in-state rivals from the unbeaten ranks.

Vasquez’s two-run home run in the bottom of the eighth proved to be the game winner as West Michigan rallied for a 5-4 victory against the Lansing Lugnuts Friday night in the second game of a four-game series.

“I thought it was going to be a double,” said the 18-year-old Vasquez, who was given a $1.2 million signing bonus in 2010 and is rated by Baseball America as the No. 18 prospect in the Detroit Tigers’ organization.

“I didn’t think it was going be a home run, but I am happy it made it over and helped us get this win.”

The Whitecaps (4-4) snapped a two-game losing streak and handed the Lugnuts their first loss of the season.


After just 29 games, the Tigers opted to send Vasquez to Extended Spring Training, where he would, in effect, begin preparing for the Connecticut Tigers' upcoming season. Motor City Bengals' John Verburg took a closer look at Vasquez' brief stint with West Michigan:

The truth is, the sample was relatively small, and he wasn’t being dominated beyond belief. His K rate was a little bit below 20%, meaning he was over matched, but not nearly as bad as some others have been in the same spot. Vasquez showed an ability to make contact, albeit it weak contact. His struggles did reportedly lead into some lack of effort issues, but maturity issues at 18 isn’t an anomaly in baseball. It happens all the time with even 21 year olds.

When the C-Tigers began New York-Penn League play in June, Vasquez would be the youngest hitter in the league (only two pitchers were younger). He hit sixth in the Opening Day lineup, but it wouldn't be long before he was filling the three-hole. Vasquez performed much better in Connecticut than he did at West Michigan, and he found himself starting in the NYPL All-Star Game. (He would go 0-1, a K, in his only at-bat).

Lee Panas of Tiger Tales had the chance to watch Vasquez just prior to the All-Star game and had this to report:

He jumps out as being a good player even if you're not looking for it. I've heard mixed reviews about his fielding, but he looked smooth on the plays I saw and threw a bullet to second base to turn a fly out into a double play. He can hit, but he is very skinny for his height (six-foot-three, 165-pounds) so he'll need to fill in a bit in order to hit for power. He seems very energetic and alert, which is not the impression I get from every highly touted young prospect.

Not long after the All-Star game, Verburg provided prospect watchers with an update on the progress Vasquez was making:

Vasquez is hitting a robust .32o with the C-Tigers, and one of the more encouraging things is his strike out rate is looking good, suggesting he does possess the ability to handle the bat that the Tigers thought. Vasquez has only struck out in about 14.3% of his at-bats in Connecticut. What we have seen an increase in over 2011 is power numbers. The power numbers still aren’t good by any stretch, but what we are looking for is development and improvement even in the face of climbing the ladder. In 206 GCL at-bats last year, Vasquez slugged .350. This season in Connecticut, that number has risen to .411. Vasquez has also increased his walk rate, though that is still not where the Tigers would like it to be at around 4%.

Links to video highlights from MiLB.com...

RBI single

Triple to center

Double to left

Vasquez played in 72 of the C-Tigers' 75 games. He would finish the season as the team's only .300 hitter (.311). Of the players who were with the team for the entire season, Vasquez also led in OBP (.341), SLG (.401) and OPS (.742). He led the team with 90 hits, 35 RBI and 116 total bases. He finished second on the team in runs (36) and doubles (16). He struck out 45 times and drew 13 walks. In left field, he made only two errors. For his efforts, Vasquez was named as TigsTown's Connecticut Tigers Player Of The Year.

Mark Anderson at TigsTown, in addition to noting that his "power remains largely projection" and complimenting Vasquez's ability to use all fields, wrote (free content):

Vasquez is still raw physically and needs developmental times, but scouts took notice of his hitting ability, with one AL evaluator noting “He can really hit. His natural feel for hitting is just top notch. He needs to get stronger, but that should come.” Making consistent contact and showing natural hitting ability is one of the hardest things to do in the game, and that just happens to be Vasquez’s most impressive tool, giving him a bright future.

Baseball America recently picked Vasquez as the Tigers' seventh best prospect. Fangraphs ranked Vasquez eighth, saying:

The left-handed hitter struggles mightily against southpaws (.197 vs .345 batting average splits) and needs to improve his pitch recognition but he makes decent contact. With an improved approach, he could develop at least average power. A contact I spoke with said Vasquez just needs to learn himself and what it takes to prepare day in and day out, as well as how to compete at a professional level.

“He’s such a young kid and a raw, potential star. Professional baseball is a whole different world – especially for a Latin young man,” he said. “He’s an exciting guy to watch… and you get excited about what he could become.”

In all likelihood, Vasquez will return to West Michigan to begin 2013, and if so, I look forward to seeing him play when the Whitecaps visit Midland to play the Great Lakes Loons.


Edited by TigersFan81371

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KleShreen, with by far his highest selection ever in the Adopt A Tiger Draft...is going to pick...

The greatest pitcher on planet Earth. One...Justin Verlander.




Former AL MVP and AL Cy Young winner, at your service.

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This year I am honored to make the #1 selection on behalf of Estrepe1.

Jake Thompson, SP

And in "The D"


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On behalf of DaYooper I post the following pick at #6:

With much gratitude for the trade kindness just extended, I am finally able to repeat my AAT pick

for the first time ever. And I can't think of a more deserving young man. Not only is he a promising

young slugger whom the Tigers poached in the 11th round, but he is a winner is all aspects of this

life. His future is bright - regardless any curveballs this world may serve up to him.

With the 6th selection of the 2013 draft, I'll once again select this Barry U. alumus:

Dean Green, 1B




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I'm a bit overwhelmed with being gifted the #7 pick. I normally wait until after the full draft is done and then swoop in to pluck someone from the DSL/VSL, but I think that would be doing a bit of disservice to a pick this early.

So instead, with the #7 overall pick I'll go with Mr. Ricky Porcello.

Hopefully, picking him so high will light a fire under his butt and he'll have that breakthrough year we've been waiting for, or at least it'll put me first in line for whatever brilliant player we get in return when we trade him...

I'd list his stats and such, but that's already been done to death this offseason. :classic:

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wow I still can't believe I got the 8th pick,

with the 8th pick I choose the 2012 American League Most Valuable Player and Triple crown winner

Miguel Cabrera

Edited by TigerFan1984

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With the 9th pick of the 2013 MotownSports AAT, Biff Mayhem chooses Rod Allen because I can't stand him and every time I've picked an AAT they suck the joint up. Here's hoping this is the last year that Tigers fans are subjected to your idiocy Rod.



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