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*** 2013 Adopt A Tiger Registration ***

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The Mayans were Stoners !!!

All MTS members are encouraged to register

for the 2013 Adopt-A-Tiger Draft.

Just make a post here and you are in on all of the fun!

But - Please Please Please read the following instructions first,

especially the bolded items:


The draft order will be determined by a simple lottery system. Everyone who registers will have one "ping pong ball" (actually a numbered slip of paper). Registration will close at midnight Friday, January 11th. If you miss the lottery, don't despair - you can still make a pick during the later "free for all" phase of the draft.

The draft pick lottery will occur at Noon on January 12th. I'll announce the picks as they are drawn, starting with Pick #2. Pick #1 has been awarded to Brian Bluhm (estrepe1), posthumously.

I plan to post the Official AAT 2013 Draft thread on Sunday, January 13th with Pick #1 on the clock. No. 2 is free to pick immediately after the first player has been selected, just as No. 3 may choose as soon as No. 2 has selected, etc.

Each draft position is given a 24 hour clock for making a selection. If that person's clock expires, the next position is then free to draft, and their 24 hour clock begins. If you miss your turn, you aren't disqualified. You can still make a pick at any time - but your pickings won't be as good!

Rule #1 here is to HAVE FUN, and expect some teasing after you have "stolen" your buddy's Tiger. The AAT is designed for fun - not speed. Those complaining about the progess of the draft will be subject to good-natured public ridicule, or forced to read every one of my posts on MTS. :-)

IMPORTANT: Check Post #1 of the draft thread every couple of days so you don't miss your pick - let's keep this moving steadily. I expect we'll make over 100 picks, so the draft may last a few weeks - which is fine because winter up North lasts nine months, anyway .....

Inactivity Clause: If you have not logged into MTS during the previous 7 days, you lose your 24-hour window, but can still make a selection at any point, upon your return. Mark your calendars !!! (please)

Post #1 of the draft thread will be updated with everyone's choices, so check there to see if your pick is coming up. I suggest adding that draft page to your browser favorites/desktop, until you've made your pick. Also you can PM me (or a buddy) a proxy list, and we'll pick for you.

First 25 picks will be conducted as outlined above. Then we go into "Turbo Mode":

Picks 26-50: Once pick #25 is made both picks 26 and 27 will be on the clock. This will speed things up a bit, while "protecting" the draft positions a bit. Once one of the two on the clock makes a selection, #28 goes on the clock, and so forth. Once again each member on the clock has a 24 hour window for making a pick. If your clock expires, you can still pick at any time from the remaining available players - early birds get the worm though!

Picks 51 - finish: Once picks #49 AND #50 are made, picks 51, 52 and 53 will all be put on the clock. From that point on, three members will be "on the clock" at once, to pick on a first come first served basis. Again they will be on a 24 hour clock.

After all "lottery" picks are made, we'll begin the "FREE FOR ALL" phase, for those who missed out on the lottery. At that point you can pick one of the undrafted "leftover" players, first come first served! No pre registration is required for FREE FOR ALL picks.

Again, I encourage anyone and everyone to register. But ... if you are planning a trip to Fiji this January, or might not be around much, then please skip the lottery and make a "free for all" pick later on. If you know you might be absent at times, please feel free to PM me a ranked list of players, and I will draft for you by proxy.

You may draft any player at any level. Other Tigers employees CAN be drafted, but you might find it more fun and rewarding to adopt and follow a player. Many here prefer to draft young prospects, and update us on their progress throughout the season. And when making your selection, please consider giving some information on your selection, maybe a cool photo, and why you choose him. We'll also have an update thread posted by April, if I forget someone else can start one.

Now let's refer to the Book of ShaggyRy. Let's call this "Your Adopted Tiger 101":

Once you draft a player, you've adopted him. what does that mean?? Really nothing. This is just a little thing we've done around here for a few years now in the winter doldrums when Spring training is on the horizon to get us talking baseball again. If your player has a good year, it's because of you and you have bragging rights, and if they stink it up it is your fault. During the season in the game threads and such your affiliations could be brought up and you could be called on the carpet if your adopted player screws up. You have to defend them at all costs, against all comers. He is your baby, you have to protect him. Minor league adoptions should look to keep us updated on your selected player throughout the season in the Minor League forum. Keep track of their numbers and let us know when he's on a hot streak or if he's been promoted to a higher league. You can use the teams official websites to find such information, as well we usually have Tiger Organization minor league stats posted in the Minor League forum as well as box scores posted as well. Microline and Co. does a good job over there and not all of us are minor league freaks, so even if you know nothing about the minor leagues and get "stuck" with a minor league player, check it out over there and learn something about your player and the up and comers in the Tigers Farm. Last season some members decided to use their sig lines to keep others updated on their adoptees, a practice I hope to see continued for the most part.

OK enough explanation!

So who wants in ???

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