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Los Gatos

Super-cool card find today - for $1

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These aren't Tigers cards but I figure this is the best place to post it. In the autograph section, I have a couple posts about $1 autographs that I picked up at one of my hotels from a sports bar that has closed. The final silent auction was today and I came upon another nice find.

In addition to a bunch of photos an other miscellaneous stuff, they had a framed and matted piece which appeared to possibly be a group of 10 vintage trading cards. The matting had a title of "Champion Pool and Billiards Players 1911". Because they were encased, it was impossible to tell if they were in fact actual cards, reprints, photos, one sheet with matting cut-outs, etc. But I did a quick search online and learned about what set the cards are from and instantly knew it was worth a $1 opening-bid donation to charity (nobody else bid on it) to open up the cheap frame and rescue what was inside.

Sure enough, they are the real deal. 10 vintage cards from the 1910 T-218 "Series of Champion Athletes" set. It's a set comprised of sports like boxing, swimming and billiards. The backs have a cool write-up on the guys along with a cigarette (Mecca) sponsor. The billiards cards seem to be a little more scarce than some of the other sports. I'd rate the card conditions between fair-to-good, which seems to place them in a $10-$45 range, with some of the guys worth more than others.

101-year-old cards, 10 cents a piece!


L-R, T-B: George Sutton, George Sutton, Cowboy Charles Weston, Alfredo De Oro, Jerome Keogh, John Daly, Willie Hoppe, Willie Hoppe, Ola Morningstar, Harry Cline

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I'm going to hang onto them in a binder or individual holders. I'm not a seller, and building the complete 153-card set would be too expensive. I would part with them in a trade for vintage Tigers if that opportunity arose. But it's pretty cool just having pre-WWI cards of any kind - the only other one I have is a T-206 Nap Lajoie.

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Would your hotel chain be selling any Honus Wagner cards in a frame? If they are, I will send you $.50 toward your $1 bid!


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