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2011 Michigan State Football

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I dont want to kick a guy while hes down, but the draft has confirmed my feelings about cousins. You guys know i was never won over, throwing terrible picks, especially in the red zone off a back foot on the road, and just throwing into coverage in general: it came back to bite him in the draft. 8th Qb taken? By a team who took rg3? Im happy he gets paid, but thats horrible for a qb who just won 22 games in two years as a prostyle qb in a bcs conference.

Similar thoughts about worthy- he gets a lot of pressure when he jumps the snap, but what does he give you when that doesnt happen? In my opinion, a lot, but not according to nfl teams (tO some extent). GB turned around and grabbed another DT in round 4.

Yeah, I feel kind of bad for Kirk...but he's still gonna get paid and who knows what'll happen. He might be dealt after a year or two...we'll see. He just needs to work his butt off and I'm sure an opportunity will present itself for him to take a shot at a starting gig somewhere.

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With the announcement that Keith Nichol also will get a fa tryout with the Skins, MSU's scholarship senior class went 10/10 on players either getting drafted (6), or a fa deal.

FTR, Joel Foreman had to stop playing the game due to injury; and Kevin Pickelman - while working as a GA - is rehabbing his knee with an eye on trying to carve out an NFL career next year.

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