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The 2011 Adopt A Tiger Draft Extravaganza

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WELCOME to the 2011 Official Adopt-A-Tiger Draft selection thread!

This year, the #1 draft position has been awarded to estrepe1 (Brian Bluhm), and we will make the selection on his behalf.

We will then continue with #2 (McGriff4Hall's) selection. #3 is free to pick immediately after the second player has been selected, and so forth. Each draft position is given a 24 hour clock for making a selection. If that person's clock expires, the next position is then free to draft, and their 24-hour clock begins. If you miss your turn, you aren't disqualified. You can still make a pick at any time, but your pickings won't be as good!

Please make an effort to check in every day or two, and remember that you don't have to wait 24 hours before you pick - let's keep this moving quickly for everyone. The draft will probably take at least three weeks to complete.

This post will be updated below with everyone's choices, so check here often to see if your pick is coming up soon.

First 25 picks will be conducted as outlined above. Then we go into Shaggy's patented "turbo mode":

Picks 26-50: Once pick #25 is made both picks 26 and 27 will be on the clock. This will speed things up a bit, however still "protect" the draft position to an extent. Once one of the two on the clock makes a selection, #28 goes on the clock, and so forth. Once again each member on the clock has a 24 hour window for making a pick. If your clock expires, you can still make a pick at any time from the remaining available players.

Picks 51 - finish: Once picks #49 AND #50 are made picks 51, 52 and 53 will all be put on the clock.

From that point on, three members will be "on the clock" at once, to pick on a first come first served basis. Again they will be on a 24 hour clock.

After the initial draft phase, we'll begin the "free for all" phase, for those who missed out on registering for the lottery. You can pick one of the undrafted "leftovers", first come first served!

If something comes up in "real life", your draft position is coming up, and you know you might be absent, please feel free to PM me a ranked list of players, and I will draft for you by proxy. Also, if you decide not to participate, please PM me as soon as possible and I'll remove you from the draft order. Or if you just want a free-for-all pick instead, just let me know!

You may draft any player at any level. Others affiliated with the Tigers CAN be drafted, but you might find it more fun and rewarding to adopt and follow a player. Many here prefer to draft young prospects, and update us on their progress throughout the season. And when making your selection, please consider giving some information/scouting on your selection, and why you selected him.

Now let's refer to the Book of ShaggyRy. Let's call this "Your Adopted Tiger 101":

Once you draft a player, you've adopted him. what does that mean?? Really nothing. This is just a little thing we've done around here for a few years now in the winter doldrums when Spring training is on the horizon to get us talking baseball again.

If your player has a good year, it's because of you and you have bragging rights, and if they stink it up it is your fault. During the season in the game threads and such your affiliations could be brought up and you could be called on the carpet if your adopted player screws up. You have to defend them at all costs, against all comers. He is your baby, you have to protect him.

Minor league adoptions should look to keep us updated on your selected player throughout the season in the Minor League forum. Keep track of their numbers and let us know when he's on a hot streak or if he's been promoted to a higher league. You can use the teams official websites to find such information, as well we usually have Tiger Organization minor league stats posted in the Minor Leauge forum as well as box scores posted as well. Microline and Co. does a good job over there and not all of us are minor league freaks, so even if you know nothing about the minor leagues and get "stuck" with a minor league player, check it out over there and learn something about your player and the up and comers in the Tigers Farm.

Last season some members decided to use their sig lines to keep others updated on their adoptees, a practice I hope to see continued for the most part.




Al Alburquerque - drownwithyou

Duane Below - Mr.MelissaG915

Joaquin Benoit - Detroit Rock City

Phil Coke - BengalBJ

Charlie Furbush - JayVee7777

Armando Galarraga (traded) - rhyno

Gonzalez, Enrique - Big Frame

Andrew Oliver - MC Sucka DJ

Lester Oliveros - sagnam

Jose Ortega - cecil

Brad Penny - Walt

Ryan Perry - xmartyx

Rick Porcello - MIGal1

Max Scherzer - treyKemper

Daniel Schlereth - Los Gatos

Brad Thomas - Fool, Inc.

Jacob Turner - Tressel

Jose Valverde - Lindappel

Justin Verlander - McGriff4Hall

Brayan Villarreal - Dan Gilmore

Joel Zumaya - LJK004


Alex Avila - Tramlou

Victor Martinez - Imminent Threat


Miguel Cabrera - DubTownTigersFan

Carlos Guillen - davidsb

Brandon Inge - poolagoo

Cale Iorg - Corky

Jhonny Peralta - JohnnyMac

Wil Rhymes - Lousluggage

Ramón Santiago - TigerFan1984

Scott Sizemore - estrepe1

Ryan Strieby - netnerd

Danny Worth - rhino


Brennan Boesch - po

Austin Jackson - Vannzee

Don Kelly - tigerfanfromchicago

Magglio Ordonez - Jeff6851

Ryan Raburn - ErieTigerFan

Clete Thomas - The Truman Show

Casper Wells - jeff3


Jim Leyland - T&P Fan

Rafael Belliard - JR

Tom Brookens - JAYB

Jeff Jones

Rick Knapp - Connor_Banks

Gene LaMont - ClintD

Lloyd McClendon

Phil Nevin (Toledo) - Frink

Scott Pickens - Bambino Lino

Ernie Young (W. Mich) - Zack Attack


Rod Allen - EatEmUpTigers711

Sparky Anderson - Al de Blanc

Dan Dickerson - MissouriKaline6

Dave Dombrowski - A.J.K.

Shannon Follett - Mudman

Willie Horton - Waterfallguy59

Mike Illitch - VegasTiger

Mario Impemba - Kamakzie

Al Kaline - JGROTH

Heather Nabozny - TigersSlappy

Jim Northup - Mike

Paws The Tiger - Titus Tiger

Jim Price - Vonlenska

Minors - Catcher

Aird, Byron

Brantly, Robert - Dirk Diggler

Guzman, Raynolds

Holaday, Bryan - toadhunter911

Kunkel, Jeff - donny1351

Leyland, Patrick - tigernut

Montero, Jhosua

Murrian, John - Charles Liston

Olivo, Ricardo

Ovalles, Jose

Purroy, Gabriel - apabruce

Reina, Adolfo

Roof, Eric

Rodriguez, Julio - hueytaxi

St. Pierre, Max - Walewander

Santana, Felix

Santos, Omir

Sanz, Luis A.

Tenia, Gabriel

Minors - 2B/SS/3B

Anderson, Brett

Ashenbrenner, Josh

Azcona, Javier

Bergolla, William

Castellanos, Nick - Whitecapwendy

Ciriaco, Audy - Rob From Canton

Contreras, Francisco

Corcino, Edgar

Cortez, Luis

Crafort, Samuel

De Los Santos, Carlos

Degaldo, Alwin

Diaz, Argenis - casey04

Douglas, Brandon - LeFlorist

Gaynor, Wade - SacBunt

Gulliver, Jimmy

Henry, Justin - iholly

Jones, Corey - cruzer1

Lizardo, David

Machado, Dixon - Chris Brown

Martinez, Francisco - MSUBrian11

Nunez, Alexander

Nunez, Gustavo - Rocko2

Ortiz, Samuel

Ovalles, Victor

Perez, Hernan - TheCouga

Perry, Matt

Pounds, Bryan - djhutch

Roof, Shawn - wingedwheel

Sayers, Aaron

Soares, Ryan

Soto, Erick

Suarez, Eugenio

Ustariz, Jesus

Minors - Outfield

Acevedo, Sandy

Alvarado, Jesus - shaneoirish

Calderone, Adam

Carranza, Daniel

Castillo, Luis

Dirks, Andy - CanTig

Fields, Daniel - DontGotSheed

Garcia, Avisail - Gehringer_2

Gomez, Edwin

Gomez, Gilbert

Guez, Ben - Xx620xX

Hamme, Ryan

Johnson, Jamie - grandma g

Lara, Confesor

Moreno, Alexander - wolverinefan

Moya, Steven - 84 Lives!!!

Oses, Omar

Perez, Timo - Tiger337

Polk, P.J. - FRM710

Rijo, Samir

Rockett, Michael - AlaskanTigersFan

Romero, Javier

Rowland, Jeff

Scram, Deik - goast8127

Smith, Les

Timpner, Clay (released) - pop out 2 short

Tovar, Orvin

Vasquez, Danry - Uncle sam

Wyatt, Brent

Minors - First Base & DH

Aguasvivas, Juaner

Bertram, Michael

Bishop, Rawley - MelissaG915

Jones, Clay - JackMorrisStache

Lennerton, Jordan - T.O. Tigers Fan

Meador, James

McClendon, Bo

Nowlin, Billy - KleShreen

Plagman, Tony - fyrftrjim

Robbins, James - forty one

Soledad, Jose

Thorman, Scott - brideck

Minors - Starting Pitchers

Acosta, Alvin

Barfield, Jeff

Brown, Brooks - Simple Simon

Carreno, Josue - TigersFan81371

Castillo, Bill

Cooper, Patrick

Crnkovich, Steve - mr0zip0

Crosby, Casey - stande1

De La Rosa, Edgar

Del Orbe, Emmanuel - pape06

Eichorn, Kevin - itsallgood8989

Feeney, Trevor

Ferrell, Jeff

Gagnier, L.J. - PuNk42AE

Guichardo, Rayni

Hoffman, Matt - redshark63

Lawson, Patrick

Lebron, Ramon

Lopez, Yorfrank

Nelson, Cole - keyser343

Newman, Nate

Oxspring, Chris (released) - eastside billee

Paulino, Brenny

Perez, Pedro

Putkonen, Luke - TigerPride8301

Ryan, Kyle - Espen1978

Sanz, Luis A. - potthole

Samuels, Zach

Smith, Brennan

Smyly, Drew - macedonian bengal

Sorensen, Mark

Tablante, Jose

Wesson, Jared

Weber, Thad - THECATMAC

Wilk, Adam - Buttermaker

Minors - Relief Pitchers

Alvarado, Carlos

Belisario, Johan

Briceno, Endrys

Burgos, Alex - DWPerkins

Burgos, Cesar

Calderon, Yinio

Carreno, Angel

Celis, Fernando

Clark, Tyler

Cruz, Antonio

De La Rosa, Edgar

Duffey, Jack

Faulk, Kenny - plantcitytigersfan

Gagnier, Drew - EchO

Garcia, Ramon

Gayhart, Jared

Gentzler, Dan

Green, Scott - Jon Benke

Hamilton, Cory

Hernandez, Daniel

Hess, Kevan

Hldalgo, Luis

Hoch, Logan

Lachapel, Walter

Larez, Victor

Little, Matt - Team Mom

Lo, Hua-Wei

Lopez, Mariano

Marte, Luis - Tramfan

Mendoza, Clemente

Mendoza, Jose

Mercedes, Melvin - Mark The Shark

Moreno, Victor

Morillo, Greg

Morrison, Michael

Mosquera, Yonny

Mowry, Tim

Nesbitt, Angel

Ni, Fu-Te - det6884

Palacios, Wilsen - tigerbomb13

Perez, Pedro

Pratt, Jordan

Robowski, Ryan

Rodriquez, Jose

Rodriquez, Luis

Rondon, Bruce - DaYooperASBDT

Ruffin, Chance - CO3BRA

Salano, Gregorio

Sanchez, Jairo

Satterwhite, Cody - Bondo

Shawler, Anthony

Simons, Zach - norm25

Stohr, Tyler - Hongbit

Teufel, Shawn - sabretooth

Todd, Jade

Torrealba, Michael

Valdez, Jose

Vasquez, Angel

Voss, Jay

Waite, Robert

Weinhardt, Robbie - Chaz

White, Tyler

Wise, Brendan - catswithbats

Wood, Austin - alwaysthrowheat

Zumaya, Richard (released) - Tigeraholic1

Minors - Other Pitchers (Role Unknown)

Aybar, Pedro

Beriguete, Sergio

Camaripano, Junior

Castillo, Alejandro

Cedeno, Cruz

Chalas, Fernando

Ciriaco, Ricardo

Espinol, Yoel

Gomez, Mariano

Jacobs, Vijandrick

Manzanillo, Rafael

Paniagua, Adrian

Perez, Fernando

Paulino, David

Rojas, Eduardo

Rosario, Harold

Other Recent Signings:

Gregory Hidalgo (INF)

Felix Santana (OF)

Harold Castro (2B)

David Gonzalez (INF)

Anderson Yance (OF)

Carlos Perez (OF)


#1 estrepe1 - Scott Sizemore, 2B

#2 McGriff4Hall - Justin Verlander, SP

#3 DubTownTigersFan - Miguel Cabrera, 1B

#4 Vannzee - Austin Jackson, CF

#5 treyKemper - Max Scherzer, SP

#6 Tressel - Jacob Turner, SP

#7 MIgal1 - Rick Porcello, SP

#8 po - Brennan Boesch, OF

#9 Imminent Threat - Victor Martinez, C/DH

#10 Los Gatos - Daniel Schlereth, RP

#11: Jeff6851 - Magglio Ordonez, RF

#12: LJK004 - Joel Zumaya, RP

#13: BengalBJ - Phil Coke, SP

#14: lindappel - Jose Valverede, RP

#15: JohnnyMac - Jhonny Peralta, SS

#16: MC Sucka DJ - Andy Oliver, SP

#17: WhitecapWendy - Nick Castellanos, 3B

#18: davidsb - Carlos Guillen, 2B/LF/DH

#19: ErieTigerFan - Ryan Raburn, LF

#20: Walt - Brad Penny, SP

#21: JGROTH - Al Kaline, HOF

#22: Tramlou - Alex Avila, C

#23: Chaz - Robbie Weinhardt, RP

#24: jeff3 - Casper Wells, OF

#25: Waterfallguy59 - Willie Horton

#26: Detroit Rock City - Joaquin Benoit, RP

#27: DontGotSheed - Daniel Fields, CF

#28: TheTrumanShow - Clete Thomas, OF

#29: Lousluggage - Wil Rhymes, 2B

#30: Kamakzie - Mario Impemba

#31: macedonian bengal - Drew Smyly, SP

#32: poolagoo - Brandon Inge, 3B

#33: Rob From Canton - Audy Ciriaco, 3B

#34: Espen1978 - Kyle Ryan, SP

#35: tigernut - Patrick Leyland, C

#36: drownwithyou - Al Alburquerque, RP

#37: LeFlorist - Brandon Douglas, 2B

#38: Cecil - Jose Ortega, RP

#39: xmartyx - Ryan Perry, RP

#40: Netnerd - Ryan Strieby, 1B/LF

#41: TigerFan1984 - Ramon Santiago, 2B/SS

#42: JayVee7777 - Charlie Furbush, SP

#43: Gehringer_2 - Avasail Garcia, OF

#44: toadhunter911 - Bryan Holaday, C

#45: Corky - Cale Iorg, SS

#46: SacBunt - Wade Gaynor, 3B

#47: rhino - Danny Worth, SS

#48: KleShreen - Billy Nowlin, 1B

#49: MSUBrian11 - Francisco Martinez, 3B

#50: eastside billee - Chris Oxspring, SP

#51: Uncle Sam - Danry Vasquez, OF

#52: DWPerkins - Alex Burgos, RP

#53: BigDom - may pick anytime

#54: stande1 - Casey Crosby, SP

#55: Mr.MelissaG915 - Duane Below, P

#56: CO3BRA - Chance Ruffin, RP

#57: tigerfanfromchicago - Don Kelly, UTL

#58: Fool Inc. - Brad Thomas, RP

#59: Tramfan - Luis Marte, RP

#60: grandma g - Jamie Johnson, OF

#61: T&P Fan - Jim Leyland

#62: rhyno - Armando Galarraga, SP

#63: Dirk Diggler - Robert Brantly, C

#64: keyser343 - Cole Nelson, SP

#65: TigersFan81371 - Josue Carreno, SP

#66: Connor_Banks - Rick Knapp

#67: Zack Attack - Ernie Young

#68: Walewander - Max St. Pierre, C

#69: cruzer1 - Corey Jones, 2B

#70: alwaysthrowheat - Austin Wood, RP

#71: Mike - Jim Northrup

#72: CanTig - Andy Dirks, OF

#73: Dan Gilmore - Brayan Villarreal, SP

#74: Team Mom - Matt Little, RP

#75: THECATMAC - Thad Weber, SP

#76: Rocko2 - Gustavo Nunez, SS

#77: fyrftrjim - Tony Plagman, 1B

#78: A.J.K. - Dave Dombrowski, GM

#79: casey04 - Scot Drucker, SP / Argenis Diaz, INF

#80: sagnam - Lester Oliveros, RP

#81: plantcitytigersfan - Kenny Faulk, RP

#82: Xx620xX - Ben Guez, OF

#83: mckibba - Josh Rainwater, RP

#84: TigersSlappy - Heather Nabozny

#85: djhutch - Bryan Pounds, 3B

#86: JonBenke - Scott Green, RP

#87: Tigeraholic1 - Richard Zumaya, RP

#88: Tiger337 - Timo Perez, OF

#89: Buttermaker - Adam Wilk, SP

#90: Frink - Phil Nevin

#91: EatEmUpTigers711 - Roderick Bernet Allen

#92: Vonlenska - Jim Price

#93: Hongbit - Tyler Stohr, RP

#94: MelissaG915 - Rawley Bishop, 1B

#95: ChrisBrown - Dixon Machado, SS

#96: TigerPride8301 - Luke Putkonen, SP

#97: Jeff - Patrick McKenna, SS

#98: PuNk42AE - L.J. Gagnier, SP

#99: DaYooperASBDT - Bruce Rondon, RP

#100: hugheyst - may select at any time

#101: donny1351 - Jeff Kunkel, C

#102: EchO - Drew Gagnier, RP

#103: T.O. Tigers Fan - Jordan Lennerton, 1B

#104: pape06 - Emmanuel Del Orbe, SP

#105: shaneorish - Jesus Alvarado, OF

#106: catswithbats - Brendan Wise, RP

#107: wolverinefan - Alexander Moreno, OF

#108: iholly - Justin Henry, 2B

#109: Mark The Shark - Melvin Mercedes, RP

#110: potthole - Luis Sanz, SP

#111: AlaskanTigersFan - Michael Rockett, OF

#112: MissouriKaline6 - Dan Dickerson

#113: wockenfussy - may select at any time

#114: JAYB - Tommy Brookens, PA Poker

#115: Titus Tiger - Paws The Tiger

#116: tigerbomb13 - Wilsen Palacios, RP

#117: 84 Lives!!! - Steven Moya, OF

#118: VegasTiger - Mike Illitch

#119: itsallgood8989 - Kevin Eichorn, SP

#120: norm25 - Zach Simons, RP

#121: Al de Blanc - Sparky Anderson

#122: webchicken - may pick at any time

#123: mr0zip0 - Steve Crnkovich, SP

#124: redshark63 - Matt Hoffman, SP

#125: pop out 2 short - Clay Timpner, OF

#126: Bondo - Cody Satterwhite, RP

#127: Charles Liston - John Murrian, C

#128: Bambino Lino - may select at any time

#129: JackMorrisStache - Clay Jones, 1B

#130: sabretooth - Shawn Teufel, RP

#131: Mikeshoe21 - Alden Carrithers, 2B

#132: The G Man - may select at any time

#133: apabruce - Gabriel Purroy, C

#134: Simple Simon - Brooks Brown, SP

#135: Mudman - Shannon Follett

#136: goast8127 - Deik Scram, OF

#137: Baseknock - Brandon Tripp, OF

#138: FRM710 - P.J. Polk, OF

#139: JR - Rafael Belliard

#140: FloridaTigers - pass

#141: wingedwheel - Shawn Roof, 3B

#142: hueytaxi - Julio Rodriguez, C

#143: det6884 - Fu Te Ni, RP

#144: IdahoBert - Mickey Lolich

#145: forty one - James Robbins, 1B

#146: brideck - Scott Thorman, 1B

#147: ClintD - Mean Gene LaMont

#148: Big Frame - Enrique Gonzalez, RP

#149: Bambino Lino - Scott Pickens

#150: TheCouga - Hernan Perez, 2B

Edited by DaYooperASBDT

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We'll start the draft tommorrow (Sunday) at 12 Noon. Yes, that's Eastern time. :wink:

Doesn't look like I'll be keeping Wilk, but that's OK I can learn to share!

Edited by DaYooperASBDT

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What's with the Budweiser truck that's parked in my driveway though?


Not your brand? There will be other choices headed your way soon.

(more winks)

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#67 so I might have some decent options left. If not, I had my secret back up pick handy (that nobody knew about until now).:wink:

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Wow at 74 I am up from last year. Hope I don't have to resort to making a call to mike for a player of his choice.

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First time doing this, 41 a decent number I just made a list of players up to 45. I might get a fringe guy from the 40 man roster if people pick top minor league prospects. My top choice would be Verlander but that won't happen.

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Just made up my wish list of minor league pitchers "under the radar".

Ended up with 29 names, so maybe I can get one of those, anyway.

I've selected Tata, Ardoin and Rusch.....proceed and I wish you better luck.

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My AAT Picks:

2011 #99 - Bruce Rondon

2010 #44 - Adam Wilk

2009 #22 - Mauricio Robles

2008 #13 - Guillermo Moscoso

2007 #17 - Brandon Inge

2006 #34 - Dmitri Young

2005 - wasn't here yet

AAT Statistics:

2011: 142 lottery picks, 150 total. First pick 1/9/11, last pick 1/26/10

2010: 146 lottery picks, 162 total. First pick 1/10/10, last pick 1/29/10

2009: 168 lottery picks, 188 total. First pick 1/18/09, last pick 2/6/09

2008: 165 lottery picks, 185 total, First pick 1/20/08, last pick 2/7/08

2007: 129 lottery picks, 154 total, First pick 1/18/07, last pick 1/30/07

2006: 110 lottery picks, 135 total, First pick 1/12/06, last pick 2/7/06

2005: 49 lottery picks, 73 total, First pick 1/31/05, last pick 2/12/05

2004: 52 total picks, first come first served (lasted 4 days)

Edited by DaYooperASBDT

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#48! I hope my boy Zumaya falls through the cracks!
I have "them" off the board before my pick comes into play, or else I'm there with you.

If it gets down to my dark-horse pick when it gets down to the 50th, I will consider moving down a little bit (maybe to 80ish).

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