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This Week In Baseball - June 21st, 2010

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Well, that sucked. Lots of games today though. Here's a list courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

At least half of today's games should have good pitching matchups!

San Francisco 38-30 (Road: 14-18) 8:05pm ET Houston 26-44 (Home: 14-23)

TV: CSBA, FSH SF: T. Lincecum (7-2, 3.11) HOU: R. Oswalt (5-8, 3.12)

Kansas City 29-42 (Road: 15-23) 7:05pm ET Washington 32-39 (Home: 19-15)

TV: FSKC, MASN KC: A. Lerew (0-0, 3.00) WAS: L. Atilano (5-4, 4.77)

Cleveland 26-42 (Road: 14-22) 7:05pm ET Philadelphia 35-32 (Home: 17-15)

TV: STO, CSN CLE: M. Talbot (7-5, 4.21) PHI: J. Moyer (7-6, 4.76)

Florida 33-36 (Road: 14-17) 7:05pm ET Baltimore 19-50 (Home: 11-21)

TV: FSFL, MASN2 FLA: A. Sanchez (6-4, 3.22) BAL: J. Guthrie (3-8, 3.97)

St. Louis 38-31 (Road: 15-19) 7:07pm ET Toronto 38-32 (Home: 19-15)

TV: FSMW, RSN STL: J. Garcia (6-3, 1.59) TOR: B. Cecil (7-3, 3.58)

San Diego 40-29 (Road: 17-13) 7:10pm ET Tampa Bay 42-27 (Home: 18-15)

TV: CH4, SUN SD: M. Latos (7-4, 3.19) TB: W. Davis (5-7, 4.94)

Detroit 38-30 (Road: 13-19) 7:10pm ET NY Mets 39-30 (Home: 24-10)

TV: FSD, SNY DET: J. Verlander (8-4, 3.54) NYM: J. Niese (4-2, 3.64)

Pittsburgh 25-44 (Road: 9-25) 8:05pm ET Texas 41-28 (Home: 23-11)

TV: FSPI, FSH PIT: R. Ohlendorf (0-5, 5.22) TEX: T. Hunter (2-0, 2.08)

Atlanta 42-28 (Road: 18-21) 8:10pm ET Chi White Sox 34-34 (Home: 15-18)

TV: PTV, CSN ATL: T. Hanson (7-3, 3.38) CWS: J. Danks (6-5, 3.18)

Minnesota 40-29 (Road: 17-16) 8:10pm ET Milwaukee 29-40 (Home: 11-19)

TV: FSNO, FSWI MIN: S. Baker (6-5, 4.41) MIL: C. Narveson (5-4, 5.79)

Boston 43-28 (Road: 17-13) 8:40pm ET Colorado 36-33 (Home: 21-13)

TV: NESN, FSRM BOS: J. Lester (8-2, 3.13) COL: J. Chacin (3-6, 4.00)

NY Yankees 43-27 (Road: 18-17) 9:40pm ET Arizona 28-43 (Home: 18-16)

TV: YES, FSAZ NYY: A. Pettitte (8-2, 2.47) ARI: D. Haren (7-5, 4.71)

LA Dodgers 38-31 (Road: 15-18) 10:05pm ET LA Angels 39-33 (Home: 17-15)

TV: KCAL, FSW LAD: C. Kershaw (7-3, 2.96) LAA: E. Santana (6-5, 3.91)

Cincinnati 38-33 (Road: 15-16) 10:05pm ET Oakland 34-38 (Home: 21-14)

TV: FSOH, CSCA CIN: B. Arroyo (6-3, 4.53) OAK: D. Braden (4-6, 3.78)

Chi Cubs 31-38 (Road: 13-20) 10:10pm ET Seattle 28-41 (Home: 18-17)

TV: CSN+, FSNW CHC: R. Dempster (5-5, 3.67) SEA: J. Vargas (5-2, 2.88)

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Looks like the WSH/KCR game last night was a good game with a lot of good defensive plays, with the Nationals winning 2-1.

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Oswalt is outdueling Lincecum so far, Houston leads 1-0 in the 7th.

The amazing Jamie Moyer is now 8-6 on the year. Philly beats the Indians, 2-1.

Moyer two hit the Tribe over eight innings of work.

Cardinals win, beating Toronto 9-4. Jamie Garcia gets his 7th win, backed by four St. Louis home runs.

Bautista homered twice for the Jays - he now has 20 long balls for the season.

Matt Holiday singled, doubled, and homered.

Mat Latos threw 7 innings of 3-hit baseball, Padres lead Tampa 2-1 in the 8th.

White Sox are trouncing the Braves - they lead 9-3 in the 6th.

Tommy Hanson gave up 13 hits and 9 ER in his 3.2 IP, ouch!

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Kevin Correia has one-hit the Rays through five, Padres lead 3-0 thanks to homers by A-Gone and Venable.

Choo has homered twice for Cleveland, they lead Philly 5-4 in the fifth.

Who would have thunk it? Brian Bannister outduels the Strasburg, KC beats DC 1-0.

DeJesus is now batting .325

Johnny Cueto scatters 7 hits over seven, Reds beat Oakland 3-nil.

Jay Bruce had three hits for the victors.

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Angels 2

Dodgers 1

Game ends when Russell Martin is tagged out rounding 2nd on a horrible call by the ump and it costs the Dodgers a chance for extra innings as the tying run hadn't crossed the plate yet.

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White Sox win again! 2-0 (Konerko homered in the 8th for both runs)

Gavin Floyd gave up 2 hits in his 7 IP and struck out 9.

SARDINES !!! Dane hits a HR for the Phillies. World ends tommorrow. Phils beat Cleveland 12-3.

Polanco had 4 hits, while Werth and Utley notched 3 hits each.

Ted Lilly and King Felix both pitched great, but it went 13 innings. Cubs beat Seattle, 3-2.

Brandon Morrow had his 5th straight excellent start, beating the Cards. Toronto wins 5-0.

Vernon Wells homered twice off Adam Wainwright - he now has 18 long balls for the season.

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Jake Peavy 3 hits the Cubbies over seven innings, and Carlos Zambrano implodes again I see (lifted after 1 inning, gave up 4 ER).

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Saturday's slate of games, from Yahoo! sports:

San Diego 43-30 (Road: 20-14) 7:10pm ET

Florida 35-38 (Home: 19-20) Ch4

SD: J. Garland (7-5, 3.26)

FLA: J. Johnson (8-2, 1.80)

Minnesota 40-33 (Road: 17-20) 1:10pm ET

NY Mets 42-31 (Home: 27-11) FSNO, WPIX

MIN: C. Pavano (8-6, 3.64)

NYM: J. Santana (5-4, 3.31)

St. Louis 40-33 (Road: 17-21) 2:10pm ET

Kansas City 31-43 (Home: 15-19) FSMW, FSKC

KC: K. Davies (4-5, 6.15)

Houston 29-45 (Road: 13-21) 3:05pm ET

Texas 44-29 (Home: 26-12) FSH, FSH

HOU: J. Banks (0-0, -.--)

TEX: C. Wilson (5-3, 3.41)

Washington 33-41 (Road: 13-25) 4:05pm ET

Baltimore 21-52 (Home: 13-23) MASN, MASN2

WAS: L. Hernández (6-4, 2.82)

BAL: B. Bergesen (3-4, 6.50)

Philadelphia 39-32 (Road: 19-17) 4:05pm ET

Toronto 39-35 (Home: 20-18) CSN, RSN

PHI: C. Hamels (6-5, 3.75)

TOR: S. Marcum (6-3, 3.24)

Arizona 29-45 (Road: 11-27) 4:05pm ET

Tampa Bay 43-30 (Home: 19-18) FSAZ, SUN

ARI: I. Kennedy (3-5, 3.60)

TB: D. Price (10-3, 2.45)

Seattle 30-43 (Road: 10-25) 4:10pm ET

Milwaukee 33-40 (Home: 15-19) FSNW, FSWI

SEA: D. Fister (3-3, 2.45)

MIL: R. Wolf (5-6, 4.79)

Detroit 39-33 (Road: 14-22) 4:10pm ET

Atlanta 43-31 (Home: 25-7) FSD, SPSO

DET: M. Scherzer (4-6, 5.67)

ATL: K. Kawakami (0-9, 4.78)

Boston 44-30 (Road: 18-15) 7:10pm ET

San Francisco 39-32 (Home: 24-12) FOX

BOS: C. Buchholz (10-4, 2.47)

SF: J. Martinez (0-1, 4.91)

NY Yankees 45-27 (Road: 20-17) 7:10pm ET

LA Dodgers 39-33 (Home: 23-13) FOX

NYY: A. Burnett (6-6, 4.83)

LAD: H. Kuroda (6-5, 3.06)

Cleveland 26-46 (Road: 14-26) 7:10pm ET

Cincinnati 41-33 (Home: 24-17)

CLE: J. Masterson (2-6, 4.87)

CIN: S. LeCure (1-4, 4.50)

Chi Cubs 32-41 (Road: 14-23) 7:10pm ET

Chi White Sox 38-34 (Home: 19-18) FOX

CHC: C. Silva (8-2, 3.01)

CWS: F. García (8-3, 4.85)

Colorado 38-34 (Road: 15-20) 10:05pm ET

LA Angels 41-34 (Home: 19-16) FSRM, FSW

COL: A. Cook (2-4, 4.82)

LAA: J. Saunders (5-8, 5.07)

Pittsburgh 25-47 (Road: 9-28) 10:05pm ET

Oakland 34-40 (Home: 21-16) CSCA

OAK: T. Cahill (6-2, 3.21)

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the M's just re-acquired russ branyan for a couple of minor leaguers. in addition to the fact that the M's 1b's were absolutely embarrassing at the plate, i suspect this move was made to 1-give the team a shot in a winnable (even for a team 14 games out) division and 2-to send a message that the M's will be happy with compensation picks in next year's loaded draft if the teams bidding for lee don't seriously up their offers.

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<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsfPfX4Fx_0&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsfPfX4Fx_0&hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>

Rough times in Tampa.

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Looks like the BoSox will lose Pedroia for at least 6 weeks because he has a fracture in his foot. V-Mart might also be hurt, evidently a sore thumb is making it impossible for him to get his hand in his glove without serious pain; he will be examined tomorrow.

I mentioned this in the Tigers game thread, but I heard somebody on BBTN refer to the "Twinkies." I'm going to see how long I can watch the Yankees/Dodgers before Morgan makes me want to stab my ears out.

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Holy smokes-the Yankees are doing a pretty convincing imitation of the '06 Tigers during the world series all of a sudden. The Dodgers are using the bunt to their advantage, that's for sure.

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ARod is NOT a good fielder. He's totally screwing up the game here in the third inning.

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I sometimes wonder how much switching from SS to 3B in the middle of his career affected ARod. He looks better now, but for the first couple of years didn't look all that comfortable, to put it mildly.

Evidently there are a lot of shadows on the field because of the time of day, I'm going to guess that the Dodgers are used to it and using it to their advantage.

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Grandy coming up with 1 out in the 9th and 2 men on. Dodgers up 6-3.

Can he do something against Broxton?

Grandy with a great at-bat and walks. Bases loaded. Huffman up.

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