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Early 3 round mock draft...

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I don't view drafting Pouncey and Okung as wasted picks at all. This team will not be good in 2011 (end of Backus' contract) and he will not be a building block at his age anyway. I feel the same way with Raiola, so I would draft Pouncey this year and put him at guard to gain some experience and then slide him to center in two years.

They won't have any talent to run the ball. That's why they're wasted picks. Not Okung so much, but drafting a guard insures the Lions won't be good that much longer. There's nothing that Pouncey will do that will increase the amount of points the Lions will score, or decrease from their opponents. That's what they need most of all with these premium picks in this premium talent year, they need talent. Guards don't play with much talent as a rule. They might as well draft a long snapper.

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Don't pass up Suh or McCoy for Okung, it would be a terrible mistake. If you want Okung you need to trade down, don't take a lesser player just because you've aquired a couple of journeyman to fill the line.

Journeymen? Both are on their third team...KVB, sure I can understand your thought process on that one, he's a little older and has been less productive in the last couple years. Williams, however, is going back to the scheme in which he thrived in, back to back seven sack years, then he went to a team which ran a completely different scheme and he wasn't as much of a factor. He's more than a "journeyman" and you'll see that when the season starts.

I'll be as bold as I can be with this statement...Suh will not be a dominate force in the NFL. His success in college is attributed to his massive upper body strength, he's not a good knee bender and he takes a lot of time reading plays. O-Linemen are stronger in the NFL, the game is much faster, and there's no Texas to rack up 3 sacks against. Don't let the hype fool you, he will be a bust at #1 or #2 if you expect the same kind of production at this level.

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