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Select your perfect TIGER SEAT questions

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Select a Seat and Open House. Saturday, February 13 from 10AM-2PM.

- Visit Comerica Park and select your 2010 Season Tickets

- Season Ticket packages as low as 9 dollars per game

- Free tours of the Tigers Clubhouse

What's this like? Do they allow you in the stadium? Any advice or imput would be great

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Johnny Damon will walk you to your potential seat. He will then go down take batting practice and hit a home run to right to show you how it will look during the season. If you purchase seats he will take you out for an octopus dinner and to the Wings game.

Actually you should follow Rob's link. I just thought we didn't have enough Damon threads . . .

And you can't tour the Tiger club house during the baseball-season tours so if you are thinking about season tickets that might make it worthwhile. Did any of you who went last time think it was like a timeshare pitch, or was it laid back?

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I don't have any specific questions, but my kid sister does. She asked me to forward them, so here they are:

1. To Leif: What do you look for in the girls you date? Also, if you could settle a bet between my best friend and me, she says you're a Virgo and I say you're a Scorpio. Which is it?

2. To Shaun: What's it like working with Parker? I heard he can be moody.

EDIT: Sorry. I went back and read the thread title. I originally thought it was titled "Select your perfect Tiger Beat questions." I won't tell my little sister, though.

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Jaymo walks the thread to the edge of the cliff and Duane supplies the push.

Very funny!

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