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5 hours ago, John_Brian_K said:

Do you still get a paperback or hard cover or do you read on your phone or kindle type tablet?  My actual time for reading is non existent these days with everything else going on so for the past 3-4 years it has mostly been audible books.  I listen on my way to and from work every day.  It actually takes something I dread (the drive to and from work) into something I look forward to if I am into a good book.  Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King currently.

Almost exclusively on the Kindle. I never was that attached to bookshelfs or hard copy of books like some people are.  I have for the past 10 years or so kept a very simple spreadsheet of Title-Author-Date Read so I can easily recall when I want to which book I've read.

As for audio, that's a different topic for me. I have a bunch of podcasts that I listen to almost every time I go running. I like episodes that are around 45-55 minutes long. A couple of my favourites include:

In Our Time - from the BBC. Hosted by Mervyn Bragg, guests are typically university profits. Culture, history, philosophy, science. These are the episodes I've listened to this year:

Mary, Queen of Scots  
The Mexican-American War  
Augustine's Confessions  
The Congress of Vienna  
Maths in the Early Islamic World
Tocqueville: Democracy In America
The Sikh Empire    
The Invention of Radio  
The Great irish Famine  
President Ulysses S Grant  
1816, The Year Without A Summer
The Gin Craze    
The Fire Of London    
The Magna Carta    
The Zulu's Nation Rise and Fall  
Rousseau On Education  
Cave Art      
Hadrian's Wall    
The French Revolution's Legacy
The Greek Myths    
Catherine The Great  
Custer's Last Stand    
The Opium Wars    
The Medici    
Alan Turing    
The Illiad      
The Alphabet    
Mary Wollstonecraft  
The Grand Tour    
The Buddha    
The American Century  
The Berlin Conference (1884-1885)


History Unplugged  - hosted by American PhD Scott Rank

Episodes I've listened to this year include:


Dewey Defeats Truman: The 1948 Election and the Battle For America's Soul        
The Lincoln Assassination: Did John Wilkes Booth Act Alone            
Discovering Your Father Was Joseph Stalin's Bodyguard w/Alex Halberstadt        
Would Somebody From 1000 BC Transported to 1000 AD Notice The Difference        
Benjamin Franklin w/ Elizabeth Covart                
Dragons Never Existed, So Why Are They Found in Absolutely Every Ancient Folklore?      
Richard Burton, the Victorian Explorer                
Death From Above: How Paratroopers Evolved From a WWI Pipe Dream To a Key Part of Combined-Arms Assault  
Alexander The Great                  
The Treason Of Benedict Arnold                
The Crusades, from both Arab and European Perspectives w/Dan Jones          
Why 1776- Not 1619 -  Matters More Than Ever in 2020            
Adolf Hitler Didn't Survive WWII or Secretly Flee to Argentina           
The Boxer Rebellion                  
Europe's Pre-WWI Alliances Were A Doomsday Machine            
Trenches Were A Labyrinth of Death                
The Average WWI Soldier Was A 110-Pound Villager            
The Battle of Gallipoli (1915): How Ataturk and the Ottomans Hurled The Allies (including Winston Churchill) Into The Sea
Verdun: The 299-Day Battle That Killed 300k Soldiers            
The Flying Aces of World War One                
Chief Executives In The Cockpit                
The Battle of the Somme                  
The Russian Revolution of 1917-1923                
The Yanks Are Coming: America Enters WWI              
The 1918 Battle of Meggido Shattered the Ottoman Empire            
The Empire Strikes Back: Germany's Final Push to Win WWI in Spring 2018        




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I have a book shelf I just put up in the basement to hold all my old hardcover books I had before Kindle came around.  I lost a few boxes from water damage and I still have plenty of room on my shelves.  I am pretty sure one day in my older age I will start collecting some favorite novels of mine in hard cover.

I feel like I am coming to an end with my fantasy/sci fi exclusive listening.  It is pretty much all I "read" (listen to), but a lot of those books/pod casts you typed up all sound interesting to me.  I feel like the day is coming very soon where I transition from only fiction to start adding in the history type books also.

I do not want to have a 100% transition though.  I see my older brothers and how they have lost the will to listen to anything fictional and only focus on history and stats etc...they do not seem better off for it.  I hope I never lose the love of a good Star Wars or Stephen King book.

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