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Adopt-a-Lion 2009 ***DRAFT THREAD***

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Well, the draft snuck up on me, being so busy with work and all. For those that dont know, DONT post in this thread unless you are actually making your pics.

Please use the discussion thread here ->


The discussion thread has how the draft order was determined.

Here is the draft order and grouping:

Group A:

lesgoblue - QB - Stafford, Matt

vanzee - WR - Johnson, Calvin

elgato - RB - Smith, Kevin

Group B:

wingedwheel - K - Hanson, Jason

cruzer - DT - Cohen, Landon

Shinma - MLB - Sims, Ernie

Group C:

ripham23232 - LB Foote, Larry

jackmorrisstache - LB Peterson, Julian

detroitfan - DE Avril, Cliff

Group D:

alaskatigerfan - Coach Schwartz

Sagnam TE - Pettigrew, Brandon

kleshreen - S - Delmas, Louis

Group E:

guitargod - DE - Dewayne White

JohnnyMac - WR - Johnson, Bryant

alkalineisgod - CB - Buchanon, Phillip

Group F:

pape06 - Derrick Williams

clintd - ON THE CLOCK.

Kamakzie - P - Nick Harris

Group G:

mikeshoe21 - DT - Sammie Hill

dirkdiggler LT - Jeff Backus

hongbit LB - Darnell Bing

Group H:

chaz - Aaron Brown

vonleska - Dennis Northcutt

Group I:

treykemper - Maurice Morris RB

jonesy - Grady Jackson

djhutch - C Dom Raiola

Group J:

EEUT711 - CB Anthony Henry

drownwithyou LB DeAndre Levy

sinister porpise

Group K:

Frink - Dante Culpepper

fool inc - OT Gosder Cherilus


Group L:

tigerpride8301 - Andre Fluellen

stormin' norman S - #30 Ko Simpson

simple simon T - Jon Jensen

Group M:

tigersman28 - RB Coach Sam Gash



Group N:


bigframe - QB Drew Stanton


jimmyd - Turk McBride


You can draft whenever your group is on the clock. **POST COUNT IS THE ONLY TIEBREAKER**

I will be sending PM's to those that are on the clock. You can also send me a PM with your preferred list, and this will help speed up the draft.

The entire next group can draft when the previous group has been on the clock for 24 hours.

You are welcome to post pics, storys, even youtube vids now of your draft choice. Most posters also add it to their sig, and update it as the season goes on.


Lions Roster:

Detroit Lions Site: Roster

Coaching Staff and Administration:

Detroit Lions Site: The Lions - Administration - Administration


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Since my group is on the clock doesnt that mean I can go ahead and select?

If so, ill take WR Calvin Johnson but if Les wanted him since the lotto put him before me, ill have QB Matt Stafford as my second option.

So if Les doesnt object, I am happy to select WR Calvin Johnson!

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There is a rule: if you can lift 225 50 times, I'll probably take you pretty high. Landon Cohen.

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Its been 24 hours since Sagnam's pick. so if the I am reading the rules right I think I can pick now. I will select


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I assume, with H block on at 1:30 am yesterday, that I is now legal so...

I select Maurice Morris RB.


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If it is true that My Group is on the Clock I guess I will either Take Grady Jackson or Anthony Henry Depending if they are still there

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