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Tigers Acquire Aubrey Huff

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No, you're doing it all wrong.

Huff walks more.


Huff is a better hitter than Ichiro.

I don't like this line of reasoning!

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FYI, this isn't being done because of any one poster or post. I just don't see anywhere else to go with it but down. Don't want to ban anybody or give out infractions for something they might regret.

Everybody knows where they stand on the issue and minds aren't going to change. If someone wants to start another thread to talk about Aubrey Huff, go ahead.

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Just glossing over the last few posts about the RBI. The stat has value. The key is using it at it's proper context.

I can look at Norm Cash's 1961 season and see he had 130+ RBIs. Knowing the era, I can look at that number and say he had a darn fine season. I don't care if the Tigers had the best hitting team in baseball that year. I don't care if he batted third and had the two best OBP players (without power) hitting before him. Sometimes the raw number does reflect something of value without seeing any numbers to put it in a better context. In this case it does. Certainly you can break it down and make it even more meaningful if you'd like. I can check to see how he batted with runners on base, runners in scoring position with two out or how many times he batted with the bases empty meaning he was his only RBI opportunity. But without those numbers and having just a small basic knowledge about that 1961 team and the era (a strong offensive team in a pretty decent hitting season so in this case you'd think it would hurt him), it doesn't take great "breaking down" to understand that "Hey, he had over 130 RBI" and that constitutes an impressive season.

People look at RBI and (for pitchers) wins as meaningless garbleygunk these days. And maybe with today's great baseball minds, those stats shouldn't be used as the defining stats in terms of evaluating production as they may have been 30, 40 or 50 years ago. I can do the same thing for Maggs in 2007. If before looking at his numbers, I knew Granderson was a leadoff hitter in 2007 (pretty common knowledge among baseball fans), I could look at that 74 RBIs and have a pretty good start towards knowing something about Granderson's season.

And the opposite is true. I can look at Ray Olyler's 1966 season and see that no matter the era or batting position, nine RBIs is pretty putrid. The same can be said about 1967 with more RBI and more at bats. Can I always do this? Of course not. But when people suggest that the stat is practically null and void, that's certainly not the case either.

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