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My collection of Detroit Tigers games on VHS and DVD

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I thought some of you Tiger fans would love to see a list of games that I own on DVD and VHS. I've taped a number of games from over the years and have also traded with fans from over the country. Here is a list of what i have. What are some that you fans have?

1968 Tigers and Cardinals All 7 World Series Games complete

1978 Tigers at Blue Jays

1981 Tigers at Brewers Brewers win AL East

1982 Tigers at Royals Opening Day with AL and George

1984 Tigers at White Sox Morris No Hitter

1984 Brewers at Tigers Tigers clinch AL East

1984 Tigers at Yankees last game of year

1984 Tigers and Royals All three playoff games

1984 Tigers and Padres All Five World Series Games

1984 Tigers World Series highlight Tape

1984 Detroit Tigers Wire 2 Wire Tape with Ernie and Paul

1985 Indians at Tigers Opening Day

1985 Yankees at Tigers NBC game of week

1985 Tigers at Angels NBC game of week

1986 Brewers at Tigers Gibson hits 2 homers one over the roof

1987 Yankees at Tigers Opening Day

1987 Tigers at Yankees Gard Ward homer wins it

1987 Tigers at Jays Jays win it in the 9th

1987 Jays at Tigers Tigers win AL East pre/post game included

1987 Twins and Tigers Playoff Games All five

1988 Tigers at A's

1990 Tigers at Yankees

1991 Tigers at White Sox Opening Day at new comiskey

1991 Tigers at Orioles Last game of year

1993 Brewers at Tigers June Game

1994 Tigers at Red Sox Opening Day

1994 Tigers at Mariners only 6 innings

1995 Tigers at Orioles last game for lou and tram together

1996 Red Sox at Tigers Clemens strikes out 20

1999 Royals at Tigers 2nd to last game at Tiger Stadium

1999 Royals at Tigers Last game ever at Tiger Stadium pre/post also

2000 Mariners at Tigers Opening Day and first ever

2000-present I have a huge collection over 200 games (to many to list) that include Verlander No hitter and World Series and Playoff Games. I have a list, but to many to list on here

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I just listed these because I know that loyal Tiger fans would like to have them. I'm not looking to sell! I'm also just interested in seeing who else has what

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Well...im interested, i did have the final 1987 division clincher-but now the disc is screwed up to where it wont load at all....im also checking my 1999 tiger stadium final game disc as well

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I have numerous Tiger radio broadcasts on mp3 with Ernie Harwell. I am always interested in trading.

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I have quite a few games, but I've kind of burned out collecting them. I am starting to realize I have more games than I could ever listen to again. I might get something here or there, but for the most part, I think I'm done seeking a ton more games. I have so many games on VHS and I have no way at home to re-record them on DVD any more. I might have to get a new machine, but I'm not sure if I am going to. They aren't overly organized and it's a mess.

One day I probably will. I'll get in that nostalgia thing again. But right now it's kind of off the radar.

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Anything from the 1984 alcs or even the final game of the 2003 season?

I have the radio broadcast of Game 2 of the 1984 ALCS.

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Not sure if the OP still posts here, but is the 1990 Tigers @ Yankees game by any chance the last game of the season when Cecil Fielder hit his 50th and 51st home runs?

I'm looking for complete, significant Cecil Fielder games for a Christmas present for my dad. We both have really fond memories of watching Cecil, especially in 1990, so if anyone has any complete games, I'd be willing to pay for copies.

I'd be looking for these games especially:

Any game from WDIV in 1990 with George Kell and Al Kaline.

August 25th, 1990 - Oakland @ Detroit: Cecil Fielder hits a home run over the left field roof at Tiger Stadium.

October 3rd, 1990 - Detroit @ New York: Cecil Fielder hits his 50th and 51st home runs of the season. This was not aired on TV in Detroit, but based on a YouTube comment, I believe it was aired in New York on WPIX. I'd love to get this game on video, and also, if possible the complete Ernie Harwell broadcast.

July 2nd, 1993 - Texas @ Detroit: Cecil Fielder hits a home run on the left field roof at Tiger Stadium.

I think Cecil hit something up on the roof 5(?!) times. I don't remember the dates of all the games though. Anyways, yeah, I'm looking for anything with Cecil Fielder and the Tigers, preferably with George Kell & Al Kaline or Ernie Harwell. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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