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"The Top 100 Tigers"

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Pretty interesting, good stuff.

At least he mentioned that Weaver and Easley were more of a sentimental choice to be on the list, cause...........well..........cause? :confused:

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I'll have to collect a list and see who I have on the list.

There are a few I really question. I see he fell for the Goose Goslin thing. There is no way he's better than many of the players he listed. There are a few that really stick out. It seems with some he took an individual season and really gave it great meaning but on the same list did the same for longer people that had long careers. Nothing wrong with that, but looking at the list you can see some of that stuff.

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HOF voters.

Look at the people in the 40s and 50s. It's interesting to see who he has in those spots. Many are the same people we have fought for or against or are still fighting for or against to be in our HOF.

It will be interesting to see how his top four go among Cobb, Greenberg, Gehringer and Kaline. That's a top four that's very tough to sift through.

Cobb has to be first and I think most would love to put Greenberg and Kaline next in either order. But when you are talking about the top second basemen in baseball history Gehringer can be argued easily in the top three. But then again, I guess Hank is the same way at first. But he didn't have the glove that Gehringer did. Kaline had the glove and the bat.

That's a pretty confusing next three to put in order.

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