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Who starts in goal?

Who do you want starting in the playoffs tomorrow?  

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  1. 1. Who do you want starting in the playoffs tomorrow?

    • Osgood
    • Conklin

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If you don't think the defense has been worse this year than last then you haven't seen very many hockey games. If you're talking in comparison between Osgood and Conklin then that can definitely be debated. I think Conklin deserves more starts but you can't throw ozzy by the waste side either. When he's hot like he was in last year's playoffs he proved he can put up one of the best goaltending displays ever.

Im not saying the defense hasnt been worse, Im saying it hasnt been worse for ozzie compared to conklin. should have clarified that more i guess.

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Speaking of goaltending woes ... Carey Price is a hero in the First Nations community of Williams Lake, BC, his hometown area. Billboards and signs with his name and picture up all over that town. 300 friends and relatives were allowed to attend the Habs' morning skate today. He has 500 tickets for tonight's game. But because of his recent play and how points are suddenly so important for the Habs, Carbonneau acknowledges that he's going to be forced to start Halak tonight here in Vancouver.

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The Wings are in a hard way at goaltending. I'm guessing there's zero chance they expected this to happen. Theoretically, they were set this season with the crusty 2 time champion and Conklin. Good veteran starter, perfect #2. All of the sudden they're staring right in the face, "Can we deal with Conklin as our #1 goalie?"

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I respect loyalty. To friends, to family, to sports heroes. That said, Osgood is a mess this season. Mentally, he's not right - right now. From what I've read, there is a problem in the locker room, in regards to him (no link, but it was mentioned on MLive.com's Red Wing blogger)

We talk about how coachs lose a team ... I think Ozzy has lost this team. I think they feel more comfortable with Conk in net.

It's time to put the "He's won two cups" stuff away. That's history.

And this "Conklin has been mediocre" his whole career argument doesn't have any legs either. He's never been given a chance to "start" in his career.

He's the man. Plain and simple. And if the Wings win the cup this season, it'll be the signing of Ty Conklin that will be the biggest FA signing last year.

My Sentiments exactly. One telling stat is Shots against for both Conks and Ozzie. They are even, which dispels IMO, the argument that the Wings' D has been Dissing Ozzie. In any case, the Wings do need to solve the GA dilemma or, as L.S. iterated in a prior post, they may not get out of the first round. Also, I'm inclined to wonder if there may be a dressing room issue.

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It's a penalty kill issue.

If the WIngs stay out of the box, there are very few teams that can skate with them and it's doubtful any of them can beat them in a 7 game series.

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