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Team Sold?

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I saw where the team has been sold, and is likely to be moved. Does anyone have any news on this? Will they continue with the Tigers?

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By Brendan O'Reilly

Watch The Story They play in front of an old-school grandstand and don't let anyone buy beer at their home park.

But try as they might, the Oneonta tigers could not avoid the 21st century.

After 42 years of continuous ownership, today there was a change.

The remaining 2 members of the group that bought the franchise for $10,000 in 1966 decided to sell to E. Miles Prentice, today announcing the deal at Damashke field.

Long-time owner Sam Nader says, " To see baseball and not be a part of it is very difficult and I've had many sleepless nights. It's a very traumatic experience for me."

Nader said the sale would keep the Tigers in Oneonta through at least 2010. No terms of the sale were released.

E. Miles Prentice, who also owns minor-league clubs in Texas and Alabama

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Yep... read that in the Press & Sun Bulletin this morning. Awful news, and I really like going to games up there.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sam Nader when I went up there... nice guy, but getting older. The 21st Century caught up to this franchise in a big way.

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