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GCL Tigers Home Opener

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I lasted to the top of the 8th inning trying to match players with numbers. The Braves brought Anthony Lerew to pitch the first inning.

No names on the jersey here either. When I upload my few pictures, I may have to edit this.

Today's Line up by position:

1B #38 Lennerton

2B #77 Workman

SS #79 Frost

3B #76 Douglas

LF #34 Vaughn

CF #28 Salas

RF #10 Chou Ting-Tang (CT)

C #00 Hernandez

DH #27 Leherman

SP #20

RP #33

RP #17 (submariner)

I only know of the Braves scoring once on a long HR. I believe the Tigers were up by 8 runs.

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Looking thru my notes, I see Billy Nowlin also batted without playing a position. Can GCL use 2 DH's?

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From reviewing the cards, it seems as Sanz pitched first, followed by Waite and according to Mark the third was Lackey.

This should be Sanz


1B Jordan Lennerton


2B Josh Workman


SS Adam Frost with D'Andre Vaughn in the OF


3B Brandon Douglas


The Braves line up card


The Tigers Card


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Hey there's my AAT, Vaughn. "What league did you play in last year?" "California Penal". Thanks for the photos huey.

I'll try to get out again Monday and catch some of the batting. We had a small crowd so I didn't spend much time with the players inside the fence.

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