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The 2008 Adopt-A-Tiger Selection Extravanganza!

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WELCOME to the 2008 Official Adopt-A-Tiger Draft selection thread!

This year, the #1 draft position has been awarded to estrepe1 (Brian Bluhm), and I will have the honor of selecting Curtis Granderson on his behalf.

We will then continue with #2 (DJHutch's) selection. #3 is free to pick immediately after the second player has been selected, and so forth. Each draft position is given a 24 hour clock for making a selection. If that person's clock expires, the next position is then free to draft, and their 24 hour clock begins. If you miss your turn, you aren't disqualified. You can still make a pick at any time, but your pickings won't be as good!

Please make an effort to check in every day or two, and remember that you don't have to wait 24 hours before you pick - let's keep this moving quickly for everyone. The draft will probably take two to three weeks to complete.

This post will be updated below with everyone's choices, so you can check here to see if your pick is coming up soon.

First 25 picks will be conducted as outlined above. Then we go into Shaggy's patented "turbo mode":

Picks 26-50: Once pick #25 is made both picks 26 and 27 will be on the clock. This will speed things up a bit, however still "protect" the draft position to an extent. Once one of the two on the clock makes a selection, #28 goes on the clock, and so forth. Once again each member on the clock has a 24 hour window for making a pick. If your clock expires, you can still make a pick at any time from the remaining available players.

Picks 51 - finish: Once picks #49 AND #50 are made picks 51, 52 and 53 will all be put on the clock. From that point on, three members will be "on the clock" at once, to pick on a first come first served basis. Again they will be on a 24 hour clock.

After the initial draft phase, we'll begin the "free for all" phase, for those who missed out on registering for the lottery. You can pick one of the undrafted "leftovers", first come first served!

If something comes up in "real life", your draft position is coming up, and you know you might be absent, please feel free to PM me a ranked list of players, and I will draft for you by proxy. Also, if you decide not to participate, please PM me as soon as possible and I'll remove you from the draft order.

WhiteCapWendy will be assisting me with running the draft this year. She will have the ability to "hack" into this post for updates, and she'll help me out with monitoring the draft clock, who's on deck, etc.

You may draft any player at any level. Others affiliated with the Tigers CAN be drafted, but you might find it more fun and rewarding to adopt and follow a player. Many here prefer to draft young prospects, and update us on their progress throughout the season. And when making your selection, please consider giving some information/scouting on your selection, and why you selected him.

Now let's refer to the Book of ShaggyRy. Let's call this "Your Adopted Tiger 101":

Once you draft a player, you've adopted him. what does that mean?? Really nothing. This is just a little thing we've done around here for a few years now in the winter doldrums when Spring training is on the horizon to get us talking baseball again.

If your player has a good year, it's because of you and you have bragging rights, and if they stink it up it is your fault. During the season in the game threads and such your affiliations could be brought up and you could be called on the carpet if your adopted player screws up. You have to defend them at all costs, against all comers. He is your baby, you have to protect him.

Minor league adoptions should look to keep us updated on your selected player throughout the season in the Minor League forum. Keep track of their numbers and let us know when he's on a hot streak or if he's been promoted to a higher league. You can use the teams official websites to find such information, as well we usually have Tiger Organization minor league stats posted in the Minor Leauge forum as well as box scores posted as well. Microline and Co. does a good job over there and not all of us are minor league freaks, so even if you know nothing about the minor leagues and get "stuck" with a minor league player, check it out over there and learn something about your player and the up and comers in the Tigers Farm.

Last season some members decided to use their sig lines to keep others updated on their adoptees, a practice I hope to see continued for the most part.


1 - estrepe1 - Selects CF Curtis Granderson

2 - djhutch - Selects SP Justin Verlander

3 - Jessman1128 - Selects SP Dontrelle Willis

4 - MotownPhilly - Selects 2B Placido Polanco

5 - WMU Dan - Selects 3B Miguel Cabrera

6 - eastside billie - Selects SP Jeremy Bonderman

7 - shamrock07 (may select at any time)

8 - Nolan - Selects P Rick Porcello

9 - tiger337 - Selects C James Skelton

10 - sagnam - Selects P Lester Oliveros

11 - Yoda - Selects INF Scott Sizemore

12 - tigerkid23 - Selects RF Magglio Ordonez

13 - DaYooperASBDT - Selects P Guillermo Moscoso

14 - FloridaTigers - Selects DH/OF Gary Sheffield

15 - One Man's Fool - C Adrian Casanova (Grilli traded)

16 - Fool Inc. - Selects GM Dave Dombrowski

17 - thewave84 - Selects 1B Carlos Guillen

18 - NJ Jackal - Selects SS Edgar Renteria

19 - Biff Mayhem - Selects UTL Ryan Raburn

20 - PuNk42AE - Selects 1B Jeff Larish

21 - LeFlore - Selects RP Joel Zumaya

22 - Oblong - Selects INF Danny Worth

23 - slim pickens - Selects INF Cale Iorg

24 - Alaskan Tigers Fan - Selects MGR Jim Leyland

25 - shabba4Detroit - Selects Mario Impemba

26 - whitecapwendy - Selects P Luke Putkonen

27 - Corky - Selects CL Todd Jones

28 - cruzer1 - Selects INF Audy Ciriaco

29 - pop out 2 short - Selects SP Nate Robertson

30 - CaliforniaDreaming - Selects SP Kenny Rogers

31 - wingedwheel - Selects RP Fernando Rodney

32 - tigersrok - Selects INF Mike Hollimon

33 - Tramlou - Selects C Ivan Rodriguez (changed to Kyle Farnsworth)

34 - apabruce - Selects OF Deik Scram

35 - MC Sucka DJ - Selects RP Macay McBride

36 - wolverinefan - Selects Alexis Espinosa

37 - 84 Lives!! - Selects C Joe Bowen

38 - detroitdan - Selects OF/1B Marcus Thames

39 - Mudman - Selects Hernan Perez

40 - kpking3032 - Selects LF Jacque Jones

41 - MelissaG915- Selects P Brett Jensen

42 - jake - Selects UTL Brandon Inge

43 - Euphdude - Selects Chuck Hernandez

44 - Mark the Shark - Selects RP Zach Miner

45 - Hueytaxi - Selects P Casey Fien

46 - ballmich - Selects RP Yorman Bazardo

47 - Baseknock - Selects OF Clete Thomas

48 - Blue Square Thing - Selects INF Hayden Parrott

49 - oldschoolbaseball33 - Selects P Duane Below

50 - tint - Selects RP Bobby Seay

51 - IdahoBert - Selects C Vance Wilson

52 - dt35456884 - Selects P Charlie Furbush

53 - JonBenke - Selects Brandon Hamilton

54 - tys-spikes84 - Selects Rod Allen

55 - ben9753 - Selects RP Francisco Cruceta

56 - Mr.MelissaG915 - Selects P Phil Napolitan

57 - spikesglaring - Selects SP Virgil Vasquez

58 - John Sheets - Selects P Matt Rusch

59 - Motor City Sonics - Selects Mike Sullivan (free for all, re-pick)

60 - grandma g - Selects INF Brent Dlugach

61 - Hongbit - Selects P Jordan Tata

62 - T.O. Tiger Fan - Selects P Armando Galarraga

63 - monkeytargets37 - Selects SS/2B Ramon Santiago

64 - Mr. Bigglesworth - Selects OF Matthew Joyce

65 - iceteebone - Selects P Casey Crosby

66 - ToledoTigerFan - Selects Mike Illitch

67 - Edman - Selects Noah Krol

68 - rhino - Selects 3B Mike Hessman

69 - potthole - Selects P Orlando Perdomo

70 - syrett4 - Selects P P.J. Finnigan

71 - sbcaptian2 - Selects Kody Kaiser

72 - DiscoStu - Selects RP Tim Brydak

73 - Los Gatos - Selects C Louis Ott

74 - lesgoblu02 - Selects Dan Dickerson

75 - redshark63 - Selects P Jonah Nickerson

76 - chuckles396 - Selects Jeff Gerbe

77 - JR - Selects OF Brett Clevlen

78 - cams81 - Selects Luis Marte

79 - JTShow - Selects P Preston Larrison

80 - JAYB - Selects Andy Van Slyke

81 - jonjd - Selects Jeramy Laster

82 - Jeremy"Cy" Bonderman - Selects INF Ronnie Bourquin

83 - toadhunter911 - Selects OF Brandon Timm

84 - sloan - Selects P Richard Zumaya

85 - Ron Burgandy - Selects David Chadd

86 - mckibba - Selects C Dane Sardinha

87 - CanTig - Selects OF Brennan Boesch

88 - Bondo - Selects P Matt Hoffman

89 - TonyJM - Selects Aaron Fuhrman

90 - Tigeraholic1 - Selects INF Will Rhymes

91 - Team Mom - Selects P Ed Clelland

92 - bilfer - Selects INF/OF Wilkin Ramirez

93 - fyrftrjim - Selects P Josh Rainwater

94 - NotoriousCPC - Selects P Kyle Sleeth

95 - tigerfanfromchicago - Selects OF Justin Justice

96 - stande1 - Selects INF Kody Kirkland

97 - jadefalcon - Selects P Freddy Dolsi

98 - purplewindex - Selects OF Timo Perez

99 - BuckeyeGuy43545 - Selects P Chris Lambert

100 - monkeynuts - Selects "Eat 'Em Up"

101 - TigersFan81371 - Selects INF Justin Henry

102 - ChadR - Selects P Jay Sborz

103 - Beantown Marty - Selects P Danny Zell

104 - Porcelain God - Selects P Andrew Kown

105 - L.A. Tigersfan - Selects Yinio Calderon

106 - McGriff4Hall - Selects RP Denny Bautista

107 - Espen1978 - Selects INF Ryan Strieby

108 - Lbh24 - Selects INF Chris Carlson

109 - Lousluggage - Selects CF Freddy Guzman

110 - diaspora04 - Selects OF Jeffrey Frazier

111 - po - Selects RP Matt Mantei (CHANGED: RP Blaine Neal)

112 - rvd7 - Selects Jeff Kunkel

113 - AdamBradbury - selects P Roger Tomas

114 - DirkDiggler - Selects P Luke French

115 - Shinma - Selects Robb Wilson

116 - Kamakzie - Selects Jim Price

117 - TheCouga - Selects Francisco Martinez

118 - LJK004 - Selects Heather Nabozny

119 - GalenSpartan - Selects C Jordan Newton

120 - Walewander - Selects OF Marc McBratney

121 - norm25 - Selects P Eddie Bonine

122 - A.J.K. - Selects C Devon Thomas

123 - Imminent Threat - Selects RF Clay Rapada

124 - Charles Liston - Selects OF D'Andrea Vaughn

125 - MikeShoe21 - Selects Manny Miguelez

126 - treyKemper - Selects RP Aquillino Lopez

127 - Deadshot - Selects P Jon Kibler

128 - Tigerbomb13 - Selects P Darlin Duran

129 - NATE - P Ramon Garcia (traded original AAT)

130 - forty one - Selects Andrew Hess

131 - Al De Blanc - Selects INF Chris Maples

132 - DWPerkins - Selects P Waldy Sierra (replaced with Daniel Christensen)

133 - Son of Detroit - Selects 1B Wade Lamont

134 - BringBackLou - Selects Mark Brackman

135 - clark1mt - Selects Scott Pickens

136 - tigerfanatic - Selects P Brendan Wise

137 - catswithbats - Selects P Jon Connolly (replaced with Casey Fossum 6/10/08)

138 - El Gato Pollo Loco - Selects Rafael Belliard

139 - MelInMuddy'sBackyard - Selects P Anthony Tomey

140 - mottsi - Selects Casper Wells

141 - Beat It Clown - Selects Santo De Leon

142 - macedonian bengal - Selects P Darwin DeLeon aka Edward Reynoso

143 - MissouriKaline6 - Selects Gene Lamont

145 - Simple Simon - Selects C Maxim St. Pierre

146 - Dan Gilmore - Selects P Clemente Mendoza

147 - jbgtigers may select at any time

148 - StatesboroBlues - Selects Lloyd McClendon

149 - BigDom - Selects P Wilton Garcia

150 - davidsb - Selects Tommy Brookens

151 - mancity09 - Selects Pedro Cotto

152 - ouperkins may select at any time

153 - calpon - Selects Alfredo Figaro

154 - BigDaddyTiny - Selects C Dusty Ryan

155 - LKLD Flying Tigers - Selects Joe Coleman

156 - deej9900 - Selects Crash the River Rascal

157 - BleedBlueForever may select at any time

158 - BengalBJ - Selects P Erik Crichton

159 - baseballrookie - Selects P Matt O'Brien

160 - Mike - Selects Glenn Ezell

161 - TigersSlappy - Selects Sergio Collado

162 - weaselpuppy - Selects OF Chris White

163 - iholly - Selects Shawn Roof

164 - mike0618 - Selects P Alejandro Mendez

165 - Serenade Requiem - Selects Jade Todd (2008 draftee)

(Free For All Picks)

166 - whitecapkat - Jim Schmakel

167 - Matt LFT08 - Andy Barker

168 - TigerPride8301 - Domingo Gonzalez

169 - Erdmania - C Nick Trzesniak

170 - pop out 2 short - Nolan Chestnut

171 - DennisDubay - 100 Tiger Wins !!

172 - casey04 - Maxwell Leon

173 - SuperFlew - P Erik Averill

174 - wilburj - Kyle Peter

175 - Ig's Icers - P Lauren Gagnier

176 - IsldNative - P Ramon Lebron

177 - vannzee - P Jeremy Johnson

178 - sevenstring - OF Luis Arlet

179 - HawkeyeTiger445 - OF Ryan Roberson

180 - ClintD - 2B Henry Mateo

181 - IMAKESEVERALGOOD - Londell Taylor

182 - Sabretooth - Chris Homer

183 - JayVee777 - P Zach Simons

184 - Doctor Detroit - P Ryan Perry (2008 Draftee)

185 - Vegas Tiger - Al Kaline



Denny Bautista - McGriff4Hall

Yorman Bazardo - ballmich

Jeremy Bonderman - eastside billee

Tim Brydak - DiscoStu

Miguel Cabrera - WMU Dan

Francisco Cruceta - ben9753

Kyle Farnsworth - Tramlou

Curtis Granderson - selected for Estrepe1

Jason Grilli - (traded)

Carlos Guillen - thewave84

Brandon Inge - jake

Jacque Jones - kpking3032

Todd Jones - Corky

Macay McBride - MC Sucka DJ

Zach Miner - Mark The Shark

Magglio Ordonez - tigerkid23

Placido Polanco - MotownPhilly

Ryan Raburn - Biff Mayhem

Clay Rapada - Imminent Threat

Edgar Renteria - NJ Jackal

Nate Robertson - PopOut2Short

Ivan Rodriguez - (traded)

Fernando Rodney - Winged Wheel

Kenny Rogers - California Dreaming

Ramon Santiago - Monkeytargets37

Bobby Seay - Tint

Gary Sheffield - FloridaTigers

Marcus Thames - DetroitDan

Justin Verlander - djhutch

Dontrelle Willis - Jessman1128

Vance Wilson - IdahoBert

Joel Zumaya - LeFlore


Rafael Belliard - El Gato Pollo Loco!

Tommy Brookens - davidsb

Joe Coleman - LKLD Flying Tigers

Chuck Hernandez - Euphdude

Gene LaMont - MissouriKaline6

Jim Leyland - Alaskan Tigers Fan

Lloyd McClendon - StatesboroBlues

Scott Pickens - clark1mt

Andy Van Slyke - JAYB

OTHERS: (Suggestions)

Rod Allen - tys-spikes84

Andy Barker - Matt LFT08

David Chadd - Ron Burgandy

Crash the River Rascal - Deej9900

Dan Dickerson - lesgoblu02

Dave Dombrowski - Fool Inc.

Eat 'Em Up - monkeynuts

Glenn Ezell - mike

Mike Illitch - ToledoTigerFan

Mario Impemba - Shabba4Detroit

Al Kaline - VegasTiger

Heather Nabozny - LJK004

Jim Price - kamakzie

Jim Schmakel - Whitecapkat

Robb Wilson - Shinma

MINOR LEAGUERS (Thanks Edman):

Juaner Aguasvivas

Erick Almonte

Eleazar Aponte

Luis Arlet - sevenstring

Erik Averill - SuperFlew

Javier Azcona

Duane Below - oldschoolbaseball33

Francis Beltran

Gabe Benitez

Mike Bertram

Brennan Boesch - CanTig

Eddie Bonine - Norm25

Ron Bourquin - Jeremy "Cy" Bonderman

Joe Bowen - 84 Lives !!!!!

Mark Brackman - BringBackLou

Carlos Cachutt

Yinio Calderon - LATigersFan

Chris Carlson - lbh24

Josue Carreno

Dario Carvajal

Adrian Casanova - One Man's Fool

Luis Castillo

Angel Castro

Kelvin Cedano

Juan Cedeno

Nolan Chestnut - pop out 2 short

Daniel Christensen - DWPerkins

Audy Ciriaco - Cruzer1

Ed Clelland - Team Mom

Brent Clevlen - JR

Sergio Collado - TigersSlappy

Jon Connolly - Catswithbats

Caonabo Cosme

Pedro Cotto - mancity09

Erik Crichton - BengalBJ

Casey Crosby - iceteebone

Rudy Darrow

Sandy De La Cruz

Santo De Leon - Beat It Clown

Wondy De Los Santos

Emmanuel Del Orbe

Robert Diaz

Jose Diaz

Alvaro Diaz

Brent Dlugach -Grandma G

Freddy Dolsi - Jadefalcon

Darlin Duran - Selected by Tigerbomb13

Ivan Espinoza

Alexis Espinoza - WolverineFan

Casey Fien - Hueytaxi

Alfredo Figaro - calpon

Sean Finefrock

P.J. Finigan - Syrett4

Angel Flores

Santo Franco

Casey Fossum - Catswithbats

Jeffrey Frazier - Selected by diaspora04

Luke French - Selected by Dirk Diggler

Benjamin Fritz

Aaron Fuhrman - TonyJM

Charlie Furbush - dt34456884

Lauren Gagnier - Ig's Icers

Armando Galarraga - T.O. Tiger Fan

Ramon Garcia - NATE

Wilton Garcia - BigDom

Avisail Garcia

Jeff Gerbe - Chuckles396

Luis Gil

Gilbert Gomez

Oscar Gomez

Domingo Gonzalez - TigerPride8301

Eduardo Gonzalez

Orlando Gonzalez

Jhoe Gonzalez

Andrew Graham

Luis Grullon

Dick Guanipa

Freddy Guzman - Lousluggage

Raynolds Guzman

Joaquin Guzman

Brandon Hamilton - JonBenke

Paul Hammond

Brandon Harrigan

Eric Harryman

Mark Haske

Justin Henry - Tigersfan81371

Santos Heredia

Mike Hernandez - T.O. Tiger Fan

Gabriel Herrera

Jean Herrera

Andrew Hess - forty one

Mike Hessman - rhino

Matt Hoffman - Bondo

Michael Hollimon - Tigersrok

Chris Homer - Sabretooth

Cale Iorg - Slim Pickens

Brett Jensen - MelissaG915

Jeremy Johnson - vannzee

Brandon Johnson

Matt Joyce - Mr. Bigglesworth

Justin Justice - TigerFanFromChicago

Kody Kaiser - sbcaptain2

Jon Kibler - Deadshot

Kody Kirkland - Stade1

Andrew Kown - Porcelain God

Noah Krol - Edman

Jeff Kunkel - rvd7

Chris Lambert - buckeyeguy43545

Wade Lamont - Son Of Detroit

Victor Larez

Jeff Larish - Punk42AE

Preston Larrison - JTShow

Jeramy Laster - jonjd

Ramon Lebron - IsldNative

Derek Lehrman

Raul Leiva

Maxwell Leon - casey04

Miguel Linares

Aquilino Lopez - treyKemper

Juan Lozano

Craig Maddox

Collin Mahoney

Matt Mantei - po

Chris Maples - Al de Blanc

Luis Marte - cams81

Anastacio Martinez

Jose Martinez

Francisco Martinez - theCouga

Henry Mateo - ClintD

Marc McBratney - Walewander

Nick McIntyre

Jackson Melian

Francisco Melo

Alejandro Mendez - Mike0618

Clemente Mendoza - Dan Gilmore

Cory Middleton

Santo Mieses

Manny Miguelez - MikeShoe21

Justin Miller

Isidro Montesino

Crucito Moreno

Guillermo Moscoso - DaYooperASBDT

Phil Napolitan - Mr.MelissaG915

Paul Nardozzi

Blaine Neal - po

Jordan Newton - GalenSpartan

Jonah Nickerson - Redshark63

Marcos Nunez

Gustavo Nunez

Matt O'Brien - baseballrookie

Lester Oliveros - Sagnam

Jose Ortega

Ian Ostlund

Louis Ott - Los Gatos

Wilsen Palacios

Luis Palacios

Hayden Parrott - Blue Square Thing

Orlando Perdomo - Potthole

Timo Perez - PurpleWindex

Marcelo Perez

Hernan Perez - Mudman

Gary Perinar

Jason Perry

Ryan Perry - DoctorDetroit

Kyle Peter - wilburj

Zach Piccola

Rick Porcello - Nolan

Luke Putkonen - WhiteCapWendy

Josh Rainwater - fyrftrjim

Wilkin Ramirez - Billfer

Carlos Ramirez

aka Edward Reynoso (Darwin DeLeon) - Macedonian Bengal

William Rhymes - Tigeraholic1

Matt Righter

Samir Rijo

Ryan Roberson - HawkeyeTiger445

Mauricio Robles

Kris Rochelle

Orlando Rodriguez

Julio Rodriguez

Bruce Rondon

Shawn Roof - iholly

Matt Rusch - John Sheets

Dusty Ryan - BigDaddyTiny

Luis Salas

Adriano Santos

Luis Sanz

Luis Sanz

Dane Sardinha - mckibba

Jay Sborz - Chad R

Deik Scram - apabruce

Ryan Seawell

Waldy Sierra (released)

Zack Simons - JayVee777

Jose Siso

Scott Sizemore - Yoda

James Skelton - Tiger337

Kyle Sleeth - NotoriousCPC

Elvin Soto

Maxim St. Pierre - Simple Simon

Zuriel Stephenson

Ryan Strieby - Espen1978

Juan Suazo

Mike Sullivan - Motor City Sonics

Jordan Tata - Hongbit


Clete Thomas - Baseknock

Devin Thomas - A.J.K.

Brandon Timm - toadhunter911

Jade Todd - Serenade Requiem

Roger Tomas - AdamBradbury

Anthony Tomey - MelInMuddy'sBackyard

Michael Torrealba

Ronald Torrealba

Nick Trzesniak - Erdmania

Joe Tucker

Virgil Vasquez - Spikesglaring

Sendy Vasquez

D'Andrea Vaughn - Charles Liston

Brayan Villareal

Casper Wells - mottsi

Chris White - weaselpuppy

Brendan Wise - tigerfanatic

Derek Witt

Danny Worth - Oblong

Danny Zell - Beantown Marty

Richard Zumaya - sloan

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Brian Bluhm (estrepe1) has been awarded the #1 selection in this year's AAT, and on his behalf we select:

Curtis Granderson, Center Fielder


Curtis' Tribute To Brian: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&FriendID=211405965&blogMonth=4&blogDay=17&blogYear=2007

Some recent information on Curtis, courtesy Wikipedia:

Granderson became the Tigers' starting center fielder for the 2006 season after beating out then teammate Nook Logan for the position during spring training. From the start of his major league career in 2004, Granderson had the longest errorless streak by a position player to start his career since Dave Roberts went 205 games from 1999-2003. He ended up hitting 2 home runs during the playoffs.

Granderson is considered one of the nicest players in the Major Leagues. On Easter Sunday 2007 Granderson pulled out a bag filled with over 100 autographed Easter eggs filled with candy and passed them out to young fans in Kansas City.

Although Granderson was not listed on the 2007 All-Star Game ballot, due to the Tigers' decision to put Gary Sheffield as an outfielder on the ballot, he still received 376,033 write-in votes, the most write-in votes for any player in the Majors.

Granderson was named the American League Player of the Week on July 16, 2007, the first time he had won the award. During the week ending July 15, 2007, Granderson hit .500 (8-16) with two doubles, a triple, and a home run. Granderson slugged .938, drove in two runs, scored seven runs, and had fifteen total bases during Detroit's four-game series at Seattle.

On August 7, 2007, Granderson became only the second player in franchise history to have at least 30 doubles, 15 triples, 15 home runs, and 10 stolen bases in a single season when he hit a double in a game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The other Tiger to accomplish this feat was Charlie Gehringer in 1930.

On September 7th, 2007, Granderson became the 6th member all-time of baseball's exclusive 20-20-20 Club. Granderson joined the 20-20-20 club with Kansas City's George Brett (1979), Willie Mays of the New York Giants (1957), Cleveland's Jeff Heath (1941), St. Louis' Jim Bottomley (1928), and Frank Schulte of the Chicago Cubs (1911).

On September 9th, 2007 Granderson stole his 20th base of the season and joined Willie Mays and Frank "Wildfire" Schulte as the only players in major league history to reach 20 doubles, 20 triples, 20 home runs, and 20 stolen bases in a season, a feat since accomplished by the Philadelphia Phillies' Jimmy Rollins.

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Update: DJHutch has some business this morning, but believes he can log in pretty close to start time. I told him I'd hold the fort for him! :classic:

Let's get this party started!

DJ Hutch is on the clock with the #2 selection!

On Deck: 3 - Jessman1128

In The Hole: 4 - MotownPhilly

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With the 2nd selection in the 2008 Adopt-A-Tiger Selection Extravaganza, djhutch selects:

Justin Verlander, Starting Pitcher


Career Stats

2006 AL Rookie Of the Year

Random quote:

"My god, that guy's throwing 100 miles an hour in the sixth inning, you're not going to mount much against him. It's really tough for the best hitters in baseball to put that in play consistently." - Braves 3B Chipper Jones

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Jessman1128 is on the clock with the #3 selection! (12:11p)

On Deck: 4 - MotownPhilly

In The Hole:

5 - WMU Dan

6 - eastside billie

7 - shamrock07

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Note to self: Allow more time for church and/or NFL preview shows, on Sundays. :classic:

j/k, this never moves real fast, I figured up to 3 weeks for 165 picks.

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haha. Just made my draft board. #1 and #3 are already taken and I'm hoping my #4 will fall to me. I'm not confident it will though.

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Who's gonna be the last one left in the green room?
Well, nobody seems to be stepping on babies in a mad rush toward Jason Grilli ..... :ponder:

Jessman1128 is on the clock with the #3 selection! (12:11p)

On Deck: 4 - MotownPhilly

In The Hole:

5 - WMU Dan

6 - eastside billie

7 - shamrock07

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Well, nobody seems to be stepping on babies in a mad rush toward Jason Grilli ..... :ponder:

Jessman1128 is on the clock with the #3 selection! (12:11p)

On Deck: 4 - MotownPhilly

In The Hole:

5 - WMU Dan

6 - eastside billie

7 - shamrock07

Well? is it the 26th pick yet??? ..........oh :wink:

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All these picks are giving me carpal tunnel. I'm suing all you turkeys.

D-Train !!!!! Good pick!

MotownPhilly is on the clock with the #4 selection! (2:33p)

On Deck: 5 - WMU Dan

In The Hole:

6 - eastside billie

7 - shamrock07

8 - Nolan

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Well, nobody seems to be stepping on babies in a mad rush toward Jason Grilli ..... :ponder:

I predict One Man's Fool selects Jason Grilli with the 15th pick. :paranoid:

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at pick #144, and this rate of speed, can I just make my pick now for the AAT 2009 Extravaganza?

actually this is moving quickly compared to last year. If I remember correctly after two days there were only about 4-5 picks made.

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Don't worry, Grilli won't fall past the 65th pick. When he replaces Jones as closer, you will all be jealous.

Please tell me this was made as a sarcastic remark, please.

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Can I make a draft day trade? I will trade my 65th pick and a cold beverage for the current #4 pick.
I'll give you #13, if that beer is 72 ounces, exactly 32F, and here in time to root against the Packers whilst consuming it!

I don't ask for much, do I ??

PS - For those new to this, yes you may trade your draft picks!

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