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Brandon Hamilton - Another 100 MPH + Guy?

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Taken 60th this year by the Tigers he is off to a good start with the Tigers Rookie club

Age 18

H 6'2"

W 205

G - 6

IP - 19

H - 8

BB - 8

K - 24

ERA 1.93

WIP .842

BA - About .125

He finished with a 1.83 ERA and 86 strikeouts in 49 2/3 in*nings. His fastball touched 97 mph. Hamilton worked out for several teams, including a trip to Detroit's Lakeland complex the weekend before the draft.

97 on the gun at 18 is pretty darn fast.


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From what I've gathered, his trips to the upper-90s are a bit rare. He works more in the 92-94 range with some heaviness to his ball. He can get it up there, but the control (which isn't good to begin with) goes to crap. If any mechanical changes don't detract from his velocity, I can see him being a 94-96 guy regularly (like Humberto Sanchez), but I doubt he'll be a 100+ pitcher.

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Micro, does that hold even if he is eventually becomes a reliever, or could he add 3-4 MPH if he doesn't have to worry about endurance?

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He is still only 18.

How much heat did Joel add from his 18th birthday? Quite a bit.

Not everyone of course continues to grow after 18 but there is a possibility.

Besides when I am talking 100 +, I don't mean on every pitch but I mean topping out occasionally.

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