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Not only Grandy has his own blog...

The 'Wolves (& one of my former AATs') Andrew Kown has one as well:


His latest entry:

Things you cant control

Playing minor league baseball you learn that there are many things that are out of your control. Being a pitcher you find a few more. They way the field conditions are, rain delays, what happens after you release the ball, the umpires strike zone(which have been very good this year), how the mound holds up. The sooner you realize that you have to become real effective at the things you can control and forget about the other things the better off you will be. As a pitcher you have to have a short memory whether good or bad. If you do well you cant ride that outing to long. You cant carry a bad game with you either. There is a fine line between beating yourself up and being hard on yourself.

Getting back to the things you cant control. Rain delays are very interesting because depending on how much rain is coming you have to hover around being ready to play and relaxing completely. There is no way to prepare for a rain delay so each time its a unique experience. Umpires strike zones are something you have zero control over and the sooner you understand that they are calling it as they see it the better off you are(No more comments on that). Field conditions are what I love about the game. Every field that we play at has something that makes it unique. Whether its more foul territory or a green monster or thick grass you have to adjust. Most of the times batting practice is a good time to feel out the field.

Things you cant control will always be there and I enjoy learning how to get past them.

- Andrew

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My 2005 AAT... Good for him. I look forward to reading it. Seems like a good guy.

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