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2002-03 Salaries

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I just thought this would be interesting for anyone who was curious and/or did not know where to get the info. I just found this and it is very helpful.

Detroit's team salary: $43,643,161 (ranks 23rd lowest)

League Salary Cap: $40.271 (just a note, Portlands team salary exceeds $100 million)

Players-(2002-03 season)

Cliff Robinson - 8.4 mill

Ben Wallace - 5 mill

Chauncey Billups - 4.6 mill

Corliss Williamson - 4.5 mill

Zeljko Rebraca - 3.9 mill

Chucky Atkins - 3.6 mill

Jon Barry - 3.2 mill

Richard Hamilton - 2.7 mill

Michael Curry - 2.6 mill

Everyone else - 1.3 mill or less

2003 Free Agents: Robinson ($8.4) and Hamilton ( $2.7)

Total-$11.1 million(enough to sign a big free agent)


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I wonder what the Knick's team salary is? The Pistons are a great bargain team and I don't know if a huge signing is what they need for next season.

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The Clippers are only at $26.5 million wow that is one cheap owner

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