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"In Detroit, it was horrible for me. A nightmare." - Darko Millicic

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Wow, it's like being at a bar, watching while three girls fight from afar.

It's about time you contributed something positive to the discussion..... :laugh:

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which was a draft pick and Cato. It wasn't a draft pick that's automatically worse than Darko could ever be, which is what it would have to be for us to know that we got hosed. And, we don't know that. So you can't evaluate it, becuase you dont' know what they really got in return. (not to mention that you don't know how good Darko will be either.)

When you factor that in with the obvious reality that he was devalued in detroit, anything is better than what they had. They don't need him now, so try again with another player when you're in a better position to groom them. What's wrong with that?

To add to what pfife is saying...

I'm really coming to think that Dumars may have been factoring in Acker and Amir as well. I might be totally off, but if Joe sees Acker as better than Arroyo (played 3 years as PG at Pepperdine so he probably has some interesting combo skills), and Amir as an up-and-coming 6' 9" athletic SF, who may even grow to be bigger/better than that description, then.... how many young guy almost-stars can you carry where they all start clamoring for playing time?

That's not to say you just dump Arroyo and Darko for nothing... but it may add a small reason to make the trade. Add in keeping the starting 5, paying the starting 5 (all at roughly $10 mill/year), not wanting to pay luxury tax, and getting a 1st rounder from the Magic, who we hope end up with between the #6 and #10 pick next year, and...

You might be right Buddha and DaBish, we will have gotten hosed on the deal. But if it ends up not mattering, if we win 3 or 4 championships in the next 5-6 years, if we get a decent player with the Magic's pick next year, if Amir grows up to be KG-junior.... I will end up caring less about Darko. And I LOVE the potential of Darko... it's killing me that we had to trade him (well, not really.)

But in Summary: Bish & Buddha MAY be right, we get hosed. But Pfife is correct in saying that you cannot DEFINITIVELY say that until you know exactly who we end up getting for trading Darko. And I say... it might not matter one damn bit anyways, whether we got hosed or not.

Time will tell.

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if we win 3 or 4 championships in the next 5-6 years,


And I say... it might not matter one damn bit anyways, whether we got hosed or not.

Do you feel that this trade put Joe in the best posssible position to win 3 or 4 titles?

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Do you feel that this trade put Joe in the best posssible position to win 3 or 4 titles?

Only in the sense that our current starting 5 are totally kicking butt, and have been for the past two Finals. So if the trade was a necessary component - per Davidson's budget requirements - to signing Ben and extending Chauncey... then yes. That's why I earlier had said that I like the trade. The other reason that I liked the trade was that Joe, potentially, got a good Magic pick in return. Although that remains to be seen.

I also said I hate the trade because of losing someone that has Darko's potential. The saying is... "7-footers don't grow on trees...", and Darko looks to be an extremely talented 7-footer.

However, for me, the first two likes override the one hate. And it REALLY becomes the final decision for me if the Pistons actually are good enough to get another 3 or 4 Championships over the next several years. That certainly isn't an easy thing to do, but it'll be fun to watch!!!

One last thing: I'm sort of interested in what Acker and Amir can become. The Pistons were giddy over drafting those two? I'd like to see why. Maybe Amir doesn't become Darko, but... lessens the pain of losing that type of talent? Was he a minor reason for dropping Darko? I'd have no clue. Is he a KG-junior? I would have no clue... but Joe D likes him, for whatever reason; and, Amir is ripping up the NBDL, for whatever reason... That probably means squat... but, I have to say... I'm intrigued!

Those are my long-winded answers to your very short question...

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I have been watching Magic games regularly since Darko was shipped to the Magic kingdom, so here is my $.02

+His passing instincts are above average, but sometimes when feeding the low post he does not put enough zip on the ball. Last night he was trying to feed Dwight Howard -- and David Harrison easily intercepted the pass because Darko was lazy with it.

+Darko sometimes sets picks for teammates in odd situations. In these situations he is just dragging an extra defender toward a teammate who is looking for a shot or thinking about penetrating. His pick-and-roll execution needs a lot of refinement. I agree with Chad Ford that Darko would benefit immensely from the summer league.

+His shooting touch is awesome. 20 foot jumpers seem to be no problem.

+Has good hands when rebounding.

+Leaves his feet too often when the shooter gives a pump fake. He will become an even better shot blocker (and stay out of foul trouble) once he learns to keep his feet until he is sure a shot is going up.

+Darko runs the court gracefully and has much better speed than Nowitzki. With Nelson, Howard and Milicic this will be a fun team to watch next year.

Thanks for posting this Franks.

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Funny commentary by Bill Simmons (ranking worst chance to win the NBA to best)... the whole thing is a pretty good read, I'd recommend it for a lotta laughs (and a few head-scratchers...):

Link: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=simmons/060317&lpos=spotlight&lid=tab2pos2


26. Orlando

I was going to call it a resurgence, but it's more of a surgence. Anyway, what about Darko's surgence! I keep picturing Chad Ford logging on to some 28K modem in Hawaii to calculate Darko's latest per-minute stats, weeping in delight, then dressing up like Magnum P.I. and heading out on the town for a celebratory drink.


8. Denver

You can't make the Finals without a single player who can stretch the defense and make a three. ...And the Nuggets don't have a single guy who can do it. So I'm writing them off for this season. But I did want to mention...

• It's funny how the 2003 draft is working out: LeBron receives the most attention, and with reason ... but Wade is the best all-around player in the league, and Carmelo is better than anyone in the final 20 seconds of a game. He's an absolute assassin. That's why I'm not willing to totally write off the Nuggets: Is there anyone in the West who's more unstoppable than 'Melo in a close game?

1. Detroit

What's to like: Best starting five alive ... playoff experience ... built for the spring ... great fans ... two of the best crunch-time guys in the business (Billups and Hamilton) ... swagger galore in big games ... a healthy amount of luck that ranges from "the best player on the other team gets hurt with their team leading 3-2 in the conference finals" to "the best player on one of our biggest rivals gets suspended for an entire season and the ensuing fallout destroys our heated rival."

What's not to like: First, their bench is even worse than last year's bench (and that's saying something). Second, they have had a remarkable run of luck in the injury department -- three seasons and counting without anything as much as a badly sprained ankle. How long can that continue? Third, I miss Darko and his brooding, Macaulay Culkin-like presence during timeouts.

Mitigating factor: When the worst thing you can say about them is, "They're overdue for some bad luck," that's pretty good. As far as I'm concerned, they're still the favorites, bad bench and all. Until next month.

Bill Simmons is a columnist for Page 2 and ESPN The Magazine, and his Sports Guy's World site is updated every day, Monday through Friday. His new book "Now I Can Die In Peace" is available on Amazon.com and in bookstores everywhere.

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