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Ford's Fingers Found in First Win?

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Terry Foster seems to think so. Here's his latest article. In makes a number of statements as fact:

Ford, the father, motivated the Lions with a Monday evening speech in support of Coach Marty Mornhinweg. OK. Maybe the word motivate is not correct. But he put edgy players at ease.
Ford Jr., who consulted with the scouting staff before the draft and overruled President Matt Millen and picked Harrington. He also asked Mornhinweg to end the Mike McMahon experiment and start Harrington before the Green Bay game. They are the best two moves this franchise has made in quite some time.

Now, the first statement I can buy... It certainly seemed to help settle people down. Of course, a number of media people were quick to comment negatively about this before the game. But as long as there's a win, well, then it was a good move.

The second quote, however, I find really, really odd. It is of course stated as fact, just like all the other rumors and leaked stories surrounding the Lions during draft day and beyond. Interestingly, this one seems to harken back to some of the first rumors surrounding Draft day that it was Ford Jr who wanted Harrington all along and that no one else did. Of course, this appears to be contray the newest rumor--er--fact. That being that it was Tobin all along who wanted Harrington.

I also find it odd that Father and Son would be at odds and yet nothing seems to be talked about in the press at all about that. After all, shouldn't it look like a pretty big power struggle and family war if the son demands that 'Weg insert Harrington and also gives him a this supposed ultimatium to win in so many games or else...and then less than a week later the Father gives a vote of confidence in 'Weg speech?

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I have a feeling that Ford Sr. is starting to let Jr. call some of the shots. Of course there will be differing opinions, and ways of handling the team, but I believe that what we're seeing is the beginnings of Ford Jr.'s era.

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