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Digital Photos of Tigers new Triple A Mudhens Ballpark in Toledo

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Press Release


http://www.digitalballparks.com was recently given unparalleled access to 5th 3rd during a recent game in late August to show off the ballpark on the famous digital online baseball stadium museum.

20 photos were chosen by Eric and Wendy Pastore of digitalballparks.com, that best captured the character and beauty of the ballpark.

The photos are of course Full Screen and Fully Detailed Digital Photos, using a technology which makes the user actually feel like they're "sitting there watching the game themselves".

If anyone is interested in seeing the photos that made the cut, which will be the permanent record of the ballpark in the museum, goto http://www.digitalballparks.com

5th 3rd Field is the ballpark of the week of the site and it got great reviews!

p.s. SPECIAL THANKS to J.D.G. Director of P.R. for the Toledo MudHens for providing special support and security for the photo shoot.

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What a cool field!!! I went to the old Mud Hen's field for the first time 2 or 3 years ago when Rocker was sent down to Atlanta's AAA team in Richmond and was playing the Mudhens in Toledo. I wish I would have hiked down there this year! Thanks for the pictures, I'll bet they are selling quite a few tickets this year....I wonder how it compares in ticket sales to CoPa?

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The Mud Hens finished the season with 547,000 fans this year, putting them 4th on the list... i believe they rarely if ever topped 300k at ned skeldon... so they successfully doubled their home record.

If you're interested... the pictures of the old Ned Skeldon (which is what you went to) will appear next week. I'll put out a post here to let you know when it's up.


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