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At what point can we expect this lineup on the field?

CF - Torres

RF - Fick

LF - Higginson

DH - Young

1B - Simon

3B - Palmer

C- Rivera

SS - Halter

2B - Easley

This is most definitely my preferred Tiger line-up, but what is the injury situation with Easley, Young, Higginson, Palmer?

* By the way, how do you guys get those cool features for avatars?

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* Starflyer --- To answer your 'avatar' question, a while back in another thread in the Bar&Grill, TigerCap posted a link to a website .

Here's the link:


Other than that, if you can find another gif or animated gif you want to use, just make sure it's no bigger than 50 X 50 pixels.


Now, to answer your 'lineup' question........

I have no freakin' idea. The actual game of baseball is not my strong suit. :)

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I dont want to see that lineup. It is a waste of time to have Palmer on this team. He might have been an effective hittter in this park when healthy(even that is questionable) but now he just takes up a spot that a younger guy could be using. He has no impact on the future at all and I wish he would retire. This is not a personal attack on Deano, I like him, but it is simply the truth.

I hope they can find someone to take Easley off our hands, but if he is batting in the bottom 3rd of the order then I can live with it because he is excellent defensively.(until we find someone else to play 2nd...I think maybe Oscar Salazar can do it though)

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The lineup I posted gives the Tigers the best chance to win with their current personnel. Of course, we'd all love to move Palmer out, but his injuries and salary make that impossible. Also, there's no one ready to play third every day (young guy) that he would be blocking. He'll probably only DH this year anyway. Again, does anyone have a realistic timetable for the return of all our "regulars": Easley, Young, Palmer, Meluskey?

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I've read:

Easley = working out, could be back in a week

Palmer = haven't heard a thing.

Young = is taking light batting practice, could be back next week when he comes off the DL

Meluskey = back tightens up 5 minutes after therapy, may need another week or two (due back 5/6)

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